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New ASTM Guide Helps Evaluate Moisture in Buildings

Matt Ball on September 9, 2015 - in Buildings, Corporate, Design/Engineering

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., September 8, 2015—A new ASTM International guide will help evaluate unwanted moisture in commercial buildings. The standard provides two questionnaires that assess elevated moisture and moisture-conducive conditions. The standard has been published as E3026, Guide for Readily Observable Moisture Affected Materials and Conditions Conducive to Elevated Moisture in Commercial Buildings: Visual Moisture Assessment Process.

“The new standard provides a practical baseline guide for evaluating not only the presence and causes of observed moisture, but also for documenting conditions that could lead to future moisture problems,” says ASTM member Jim E. Bartlett, senior vice president, EMG. The standard’s appendices provide a template for interviewing property representatives as well as a field checklist for preparers of moisture reports.

The new guide aims to help professionals who conduct general facility assessments in areas such as architecture, engineering, industrial hygiene, and construction or maintenance-related practices. The standard also helps people involved in managing, selling, buying, or renting commercial property, including purchasers, owners, tenants, investors, lenders and property managers.

Looking forward, the ASTM task group that developed E3026 is interested in receiving feedback and participation from providers and users to help guide future development. All interested parties are welcome to attend task group meetings, which take place at ASTM Committee E50 meetings.

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