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An Inspirational Building that Explores New Ways of Learning

Matt Ball on September 8, 2015 - in Buildings, Design/Engineering, Projects

Springwell Special Education Needs School provides a safe and supportive learning environment for 110 youngsters aged 7-16 with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

Atkins created a very calm and well organised building that has discreet areas dedicated to each Key Stage. Each of these areas has its own ‘Homebase’ containing dining and socialising spaces that are integral to the central strand of nurture and eating in family groups – crucial to personal growth and development.

The design is based on a simple rectangular plan, a combination of four quadrants: three Key stages and one admin area each with their own courtyard garden. The quadrants are formed around a central heart space which unites the school into a communal whole. Thanks to its flexible design, Springwell has been able to create an entirely new curriculum which has been very well received by teachers, parents and students alike.

Environmental sustainability was also paramount through design and construction, with the use of offsite fabrication reducing construction waste by 30% and carbon emissions by 25%.

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