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Nevada Department of Transportation Announces New Executive Staff Member

Matt Ball on September 4, 2015 - in People, Transportation

CARSON CITY, Nev., Sept. 3, 2015—The Nevada Department of Transportation has appointed David Gaskin as deputy director overseeing department environmental and stormwater management programs.

Gaskin will oversee NDOT environmental programs, including policy, regulatory and educational efforts to manage stormwater involving state roads and transportation facilities in accordance with state and federal laws. The efforts will help further enhance stormwater management on NDOT construction and maintenance projects. Gaskin has more than 22 years of experience managing environmental programs at the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. He also worked to construct and operate large solar power plants in the Mojave Desert and was an officer in the U.S. Navy. Gaskin is a registered professional mechanical engineer and received an astronautics degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

NDOT has long been dedicated to stormwater management. The department uses best management practices to reduce the amount of water quality impacts from construction and maintenance projects, installs water quality systems to most efficiently channel and provide for the clarity of roadside runoff and more. NDOT has also installed award-winning facilities to treat water runoff collected during cleaning of Tahoe-area roadside drainage.

“The Department has made great strides and invested in projects and programs that help reduce adverse impacts of stormwater contacting state roadways,” Gaskin explained. “I am excited to lead the department in continually advancing stormwater management programs and practices to minimize erosion and sedimentation and protect our state’s water resources.”

Gaskin will work out of NDOT Carson City headquarters.

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