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Fortune’s First “Change the World” List Features Arup

Matt Ball on August 31, 2015 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering

Fortune has compiled a list of 51 global companies that have affected major social or environmental concerns in a positive way by integrating them into their competitive strategy. Ranked alongside some of the world’s best known corporations, Arup is the only firm included from the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

“Shaping a better world is at the core of our ethos and Arup is pleased to be recognised by Fortune as a firm that has ‘made a sizable impact on major global social or environmental problems.’ Arup’s independent ownership structure gives conviction a place in our decision-making, alongside the needs of clients and commercial imperatives. The result is clear-sighted, thoughtful decisions about our priorities as a business and as a member of society.”

Greg Hodkinson, Arup Group Chairman

Companies were considered against four criteria: the degree of business innovation involved, the measurable impact at scale on an important social challenge, the contribution of the shared-value activities to the company’s profitability and competitive advantage, and the significance of the shared value effort to the overall business.

Arup exerts a positive influence on the wider world by investing in research, innovating and creating better solutions, and putting sustainability at the heart of its work. Notable projects have included collaborating with C40 Cities in developing “Climate Action in Megacities 2.0”, an opportunities and baseline report which shows a clear trend of expanding climate action in cities; theCalifornia Academy of Sciences, the largest LEED platinum-certified building in the world; and the BIQ house in Hamburg that features the world’s first bioreactive façade.

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