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New Report Identifies Tech as Infrastructure’s Tipping Point

Matt Ball on August 31, 2015 - in Corporate, Planning

WASHINGTON—The innovative power of 3D printing, commercial drones, self-driving vehicles, electricity storage, and the Internet of Things are pushing the North American infrastructure market toward a tipping point, according to the latest study by the nation’s preeminent infrastructure advisory firm.

CG/LA Infrastructure’s Building Prosperity: 2015 Strategic 100 North American Infrastructure Report identifies those strategic projects, all incorporating transformative technologies to unleash $376 billion in infrastructure opportunities over the next 12 months.

“Advanced technologies promise a transformation in the marketplace that will propel revolutionary new undertakings and modernize legacy projects in highways, bridges, rail, the power grid, and urban mobility,” CG/LA Infrastructure President and CEO Norman Anderson said. “Our challenge as an industry is to create a new market framework, creating better projects, faster approvals, and channeling great ideas into prosperity driving reality.”

The Strategic 100 by Region. The Gateway Project – the critical tunnel between New York and New Jersey – was ranked number one for 2015, a project crucial to the prosperity of the New York region. On a regional basis: New England had eight projects, valued at $28.5 billion; the Mid Atlantic had 17 projects, valued at $43.8 billion; the South/Southeast had 24 projects, valued at $39.1 billion; the Midwest had 5 projects, valued at $20.3 billion; and the West had 26 projects, valued at $163.6 billion. Canada had 12 projects on the list, collectively valued at $61.2 billion and Mexico had 8 projects, valued at $19.9 billion.

The Strategic 100 Rating System. In addition to technology, the Strategic 100 projects were ranked by CG/LA’s proprietary model, which scored projects according to the following criteria:

  • Competitiveness How does this project align with a region or state’s economic needs?
  • Productivity How does this project add value to a community by enabling improved economic productivity?
  • Sustainability Does this project enable a municipality to operate more sustainably?
  • Business Opportunity Does this project have a business opportunity in the next 3-12 months?
  • Job Creation What is the projected impact on creation of jobs on the local economy?

The Strategic 100 comes on the heels of CG/LA’s Blueprint 2025 initiative launch, an 18-month, 100-nameplate campaign by U.S. CEOs to craft an infrastructure plan for the administration that will take office on January 20, 2017. Blueprint 2025 aims to raise infrastructure to a priority level on par with national security while generating long-term, bipartisan support through at least the next three election cycles.

CG/LA’s upcoming 7th North American Infrastructure Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. is a highly selective gathering of more than 500 C-suite executives representing technology firms, engineers, construction principals and investors who represent the private and public sectors, and project sponsors from throughout North America.

Please visit http://www.cg-la.com/forums/nalf7 or email [email protected] for more information, including the complete agenda and business opportunities at the Forum.

Building Prosperity: 2015 Strategic 100 North American Infrastructure Report can be downloaded at https://store.globalvipprojects.com/product/2015-strategic-top-100-north-america/

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