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HLM Designs Low Energy Environmentally Responsible Passive House

Matt Ball on August 26, 2015 - in Buildings, Corporate, Design/Engineering, Energy

HLM has designed a modern, low energy, environmentally responsible passive house in Gorstan in Ross-Shire in the Scottish Highlands.

Developed to take traditional Highland and rural design as inspiration, the new house (Tigh-na-Groit) reinterprets imaginatively traditional features whilst achieving the European Passivhaus standard to radically drive down energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Ross Barrett, Associate Director at HLM, said: “We think that this house best represents our ethos and mission to shape the built environment towards a more sustainable future as it tackles the problems of fuel poverty and carbon emissions in the most effective way: by minimising energy consumption.”

The Gorstan Passive house requires 80% less energy compared to the standard housing stock.

This was achieved by: optimising the building’s form and orientation to reduce heat loss and maximise solar gain; providing super insulation with no thermal bridging; providing an airtight fabric and installing mechanical ventilation with 90% efficient heat recovery.

The house uses ‘passive heating’ by means of energy conservation and by using internal heat sources and solar gains. At the same time, the Gorstan Passive House is designed to ensure that occupants get outstanding performance.

“Internal pollutants are minimised and constant fresh air is supplied, ensuring excellent indoor air quality,” said Ross.

“Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced in construction and operation; operational costs are minimised and overheating risk is minimised through advanced thermal modelling.”

HLM has a dedicated and experienced team who champion strategies for sustainable design. They provide solutions tailored to each client’s needs and utilise tools, knowledge and support to ensure that sustainability and low energy design are a fully integrated part of the design process.


HLM is a practice offering, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, master planning, interior design and sustainability expertise.

An international practice, it serves the UK with offices in London, Sheffield, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, and Plymouth.  It also has offices in Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi.

HLM’s work spans the private and public sectors, including education, health, defence, justice, civic, commercial and residential as well as mixed-use developments. It has strong expertise in many procurement forms including PPP/PFI, partnering and framework schemes.

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