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Denver Water’s Operations Complex Redevelopment Project

Matt Ball on August 26, 2015 - in Design/Engineering, Project management, Projects, Water

Over the next five years, Denver Water’s Operations Complex at 1600 W. 12th Ave. in Denver will be redeveloped to provide a more efficient, publicly accessible and sustainable headquarters. Our Operations Complex includes 16 buildings on 34.6 acres and includes equipment shops, fleet maintenance, warehouses, trade buildings and space for pipe and materials storage. The site is also home to Denver Water’s Administration Building that houses 600 employees. Water utility operations have been located on this site since 1881.

Background and reasons for redevelopment

The buildings on our Operations Complex site are outdated, inefficient and inadequate to support the future demands of providing water service to our community. Buildings are on average 55-years-old, and most facilities cannot accommodate future growth plans or current work demands. Most buildings require safety and fire code upgrades.

The goal is to build a modern site that improves the efficiency, functionality, security and safety of all operations. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to rebuild than to renovate existing buildings. The new layout will improve traffic flow and take advantage of matching functions with building adjacencies.

As a prominent water resource manager in the West, Denver Water will lead the way to the future through environmental stewardship by creating an efficient, resilient Operations Complex. Sustainability is a key factor, as the complex is being designed to incorporate LEED certification, educational demonstrations of net zero energy and leading-edge concepts around the management of all water sources. The redeveloped complex will provide an education center for those interested in learning more about water and its efficient use.

Project schedule

The first phase of construction will begin in early 2016 with a focus on the operational facilities on the campus. The second phase of construction will begin in summer 2017 and will focus on the administrative building and parking garage. Construction is expected to be complete in fall 2019.

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