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Cemex Mexico’s Infrastructure Solution Includes an Automatic Road Analyzer

Matt Ball on August 19, 2015 - in Corporate, Maintenance, Transportation

CEMEX Mexico is the first to operate Fugro’s ARAN 9000 pavement and asset data collection system on a Dodge Promaster chassis. This Automatic Road Analyzer vehicle features additional front and rear right-of-way cameras to help CEMEX capture more information and to reduce the time spent collecting data, increasing the value of its investment.

Fugro customized the vehicle to meet CEMEX’s pavement data collection needs, including full integration of their ground penetrating radar (GPR) system. The computer racks were modified, changing the configuration from vertical to horizontal to allow even distribution of weight in the vehicle, and to reduce its internal temperature. All components were installed on the Promaster in Mexico, where additional upgrades were provided and elements of some of CEMEX’s existing ARAN equipment were recalibrated. Carrying out the work on site allowed CEMEX to continue supporting its customers in making informed and timely decisions about the Mexican road network.

Fugro’s ARAN 9000 collects pavement condition and asset data simultaneously, which allows road owners and builders to determine the quality and status of roadways and associated assets, at both a project and network level. ARANs are capable of collecting data and directly uploading it to the on-board systems while travelling at posted highway speeds, avoiding the need to block-off sections of the roadway for assessment. This information can be used to determine which roads require maintenance, allowing road owners to create appropriate road rehabilitation plans. The automated method of collection greatly increases the safety of the data collection staff.

The high-speed ARAN system also offers Pave3D, a 3D pavement data system that detects pavement distresses in clear detail and with repeatable accuracy. CEMEX’s ARAN 9000 system includes two HD cameras that collect high quality, true color progressive scan images of the right-of-way with a 90 or 60 degree field of view, allowing for a high quality view of their network and eliminating the need for time consuming and costly field visits. This imagery can be processed with proprietary integrated software to efficiently create a detailed geo-referenced catalog of any roadway asset including signage and guardrails.

CEMEX’s Pavement Evaluation Manager (Infrastructure and Government), Edgar Jesus Garduño Vazquez, commented, “The newly upgraded ARAN 9000 platform will allow us to provide better service and support to our customers in both the public and private sectors. Our clients can now manage and assess any type of pavement, rigid or flexible, from the Mexican road network (highways, roads, main corridors, local or interstate), as well as the urban roadways (arterial, collectors, residential and other streets). The new vehicle will help to them determine the best pavement rehabilitation alternatives and preservation programs. CEMEX is proud to offer this unique infrastructure solution to our customers.”

Fugro creates value by acquiring and interpreting earth and engineering data and providing associated consulting services to support clients with their design and construction of infrastructure and buildings. Fugro also supports clients with the installation, repair and maintenance of their subsea infrastructure. Fugro is an independent service provider.

Fugro works around the globe, predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets offshore and onshore employing approximately 13,500 employees in over seventy countries. In 2014 Fugro’s revenue amounted to EUR 2.6 billion; Fugro is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

Fugro Roadware has over 45 years of highly specialized experience in infrastructure and pavement management technology and data collection services. Our mission is to provide transportation asset management systems, surveys and advice to maximize the impact of the maintenance and development decisions on the life and value of the asset while ensuring the safety of our employees and the safety of others.


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