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The University of Catania, Italy Awards Fugro Contract for ARIAN 9000 Road Monitoring System

Matt Ball on July 17, 2015 - in Corporate, Maintenance, Roads

The University of Catania, Italy has awarded a contract to Fugro for an ARAN 9000 automated road data collection system. The Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN 9000) offers the university a turnkey solution to better allow them to meet their data collection project goals in addition to their teaching and research requirements. The university has historically used a variety of tools and systems for collecting pavement condition and asset data as well as for research and teaching advanced pavement management practice in its Civil Engineering and Architecture Department. Professor Salvatore Damiano Cafiso, the University’s Road Lab Scientific Coordinator, recognised the ARAN as the industry standard system for teaching and research. The ARAN 9000, and Fugro’s associated Vision processing software, will enable the university to collect and process high quality data, analyse the results faster and provide more objective, detailed information on Italian highway and roadside asset conditions. This is Fugro’s first international delivery of an ARAN 9000 to a university.

Fugro’s state-of-the-art ARAN 9000 collects pavement condition and asset data, allowing educational institutions and transportation departments to determine the condition and status of roadways and associated assets. ARANs are capable of travelling up to posted highway speeds while collecting data and directly uploading it to the on-board systems. The information can be used to determine which roads require maintenance and what type of maintenance is optimal. This allows road owners to confidently create appropriate road rehabilitation plans, removing subjectivity from the decision making process and giving a true and repeatable measure of the pavement condition. The University of Catania’s ARAN features Pave 3D, a 3D pavement system that detects, rates and categorises distresses on the road surface in much clearer detail than conventional pavement systems. The high definition right-of-way camera allows for efficient and comprehensive cataloguing of assets, such as signage and guard rails, for inventory purposes. Other features include a user friendly operating system, advanced software and easily portable subsystem components.

Professor Cafiso commented, “The acquisition of the new ARAN 9000 system is the most important investment for the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture’s Road Lab in the last 20 years and was funded by the Re.Se.T. project in the framework of P.O. FESR 2007/2013. The ARAN 9000, along with other existing and recently acquired road monitoring equipment (such as FWD, LWD, GRIPtester) will make the university’s laboratories some of the most advanced in Europe for transportation asset monitoring and management. The ARAN 9000 will be the core of this system, providing a challenge for student and professional training, research development and services supplied to transportation agencies, such as road, airport and port, in the field of asset maintenance and management, safety evaluation and risk assessment. Fugro has provided comprehensive training and assistance with setting up the system and we are looking forward to working with their team on additional equipment support in the near future.”


Fugro creates value by acquiring and interpreting earth and engineering data and providing associated consulting services to support clients with their design and construction of infrastructure and buildings. Fugro also supports clients with the installation, repair and maintenance of their subsea infrastructure. Fugro is anindependent service provider.

Fugro works around the globe, predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets offshore and onshore employing approximately 13,500 employees in over seventy countries. In 2014 Fugro’s revenue amounted to EUR 2.6 billion; Fugro is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.


Fugro Roadware has over 45 years of highly specialized experience in infrastructure and pavement management technology and data collection services. Our mission is to provide transportation asset management systems, surveys and advice to maximize the impact of the maintenance and development decisions on the life and value of the asset while ensuring the safety of our employees and the safety of others.

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