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Keys to a Smarter City Address the Innovation Boundary

Matt Ball on August 16, 2012 - in Smart Cities

We now have a greater purpose that demands innovation: the need to make our cities and communities more sustainable, vibrant and equal in the face of the severe economic, environmental and demographic pressures that we face. We have already seen those pressures create threats to food and energy security; and in recent months city leaders have expressed concern with the difference in life expectancy between the most affluent and most deprived areas of their cities – it can be 10 years or more. When a potentially transformative infrastructure such as a Smarter City technology platform is designed and deployed well, then the services it provides precisely embody the boundary between capability and need.

The “civic hacking” and “open data” movements are great examples of this sort of creativity. But this is not the only sort of innovation that is required to enable Smarter City transformations. The infrastructures that support cities literally provide life-support to hundreds of thousands or millions of individuals. They must be highly resilient, performant and secure – particularly as they become increasingly optimised to support larger and larger city populations sustainably.

The invention, design, deployment and operation of Smarter City infrastructures require the resources of large organisations such as technology vendors, infrastructure providers, local governments and Universities who are able to make significant investments in them.

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