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Plastics Pipe Institute’s Members and Projects Lauded for Contributions and Solutions Running Wide Range of Applications

Matt Ball on June 9, 2015 - in Awards, Corporate

IRVING, Texas, June 9, 2015 – During its recent annual meeting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI) announced recipients of awards through its yearly recognition program honoring significant industry contributions and professional achievements.  Three individual members and six member-company projects were acknowledged for exceptional service and significant accomplishments involving the use of various types of plastics in pipe infrastructure.  PPI is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry.

“Our association continues to grow and strengthen,” stated Tony Radoszewski, president of the PPI.  “We have had more members and guests attending our meetings, and have welcomed increased member participation for successive years now.  At every event, we are seeing the trend of expanding knowledge and broadening industry growth in uses of plastics in pipe systems.  Plastics continue gaining ground as venerated, proven solutions for new and existing applications.

“The PPI awards program is one of the highlights of our annual meeting.  The process involves members recognizing other members – peers respecting peers – for efforts to improve our nation’s infrastructure and to advance plastics for pipe of all kinds.  It’s exciting to see pipe being used in different applications such as landfill gas gathering, which is representative of just one of the “Project of the Year” winners.  PPI saw record numbers of attendees at this past meeting who continually work on the technical, research and development aspects of our association’s programs and collaborative industry endeavors.”

Presented during the May 3 – 6 meeting, the award winners are:

PPI Projects of the Year


PPI Member Company:  REHAU, Leesburg, VA

Awarded Project:  École Secondaire Jeunes sans Frontiers (Secondary School for Youth Without Frontiers), Ontario

To achieve maximum HVAC efficiency, the design includes a REHAU radiant slab heating and cooling system, which circulates a heated or chilled water-glycol solution through a network of PEX piping installed in the floors throughout the entire facility. The radiant system enables the school to meet indoor environmental criteria related to air quality, noise reduction and occupant comfort while also maximizing space efficiency by eliminating bulky convectors and ductwork.

The system consists of 104,700 ft (32,000 m) of RAUPEX® 5/8-in. O2 Barrier pipe and 42 PRO-BALANCE® manifolds pre-piped with 3-way valves into recessed manifold distribution cabinets. The PEX pipe was installed at the ground level in a concrete slab-on-grade design using a counter-flow spiral pattern to promote even surface temperatures.

Receiving the award from PPI’s Randy Knapp, director of engineering, building and construction division (left) and Tony Radoszewski, president (right) is Lance MacNevin of REHAU.


PPI Member Company:  Uponor, Apple Valley, MN

Awarded Project:  San Diego State University Aztec Center

In the spring of 2011, San Diego State University razed the existing student union building to replace it with a 202,200 square-foot, highly sustainable, three-story building designed to house student offices, a recreation center and an intercultural relations center; including a 1,200-seat lecture hall and a 300-seat theatre.

To meet the LEED® Platinum requirements, the HVAC system needed to consume 40 percent less energy than a standard system.  An in-slab radiant heating and cooling system was designed for the building, coupled with a dedicated outside air system (DOAS) to reduce energy and improve indoor air quality.

The project used 75,000 feet – more than 14 miles – of Uponor’s  ⅝” Wirsbo hePEX™ oxygen-barrier PEX tubing on three floors on the west side of the building to serve 36,000 square feet of space.

Kate Olinger of Uponor receives the PPI Project of the Year Award from PPI’s Randy Knapp, director of engineering, building and construction division (left) and Tony Radoszewski, president (right).


PPI Member Company:  Southwire Company, Carrollton, GA
Awarded Project: Ameren’s O’Fallon Renewable Energy Center

The O’Fallon Renewable Energy Center is Ameren’s (St Louis Area Investor Owned Utility) first solar field for the region.  Encompassing approximately 20 acres in O’Fallon, MO, it has more than 19,000 solar panels and will be one of Missouri’s largest photovoltaic solar fields, generating 5.7MW of electricity enough to power 650 average sized homes.

To connect the solar units, Southwire’s SIMpull® Cable in Conduit (CIC) was used. CIC is a flexible HDPE plastic conduit with the individual cables preinstalled inside the conduit.  This CIC product comes on reels and is installed by laying it in the trench, therefore, when the CIC is installed, the cable is already installed, eliminating the need to pull wire.  This project allowed the contractor to realize the cost/labor savings potential moving from traditional pipe and wire installation to a HDPE Cable-in-Conduit solution.  Having a flexible continuous length conduit speed installation by passed the need for a complex arrangement of elbows, sweeps and connectors.  Using Cable-in-Conduit also helped to relieve the backend labor required on the project by removing the need to pull cable. 

Michael Tribble of Southwire (center) receives the PPI Project of the Year Award from Sarah Patterson, PPI technical director and Tony Radoszewski, PPI president.


PPI Member Company:  Prinsco, Inc., Willmar, MN

Awarded Project:  ConAgra Foods Dry Foods Distribution Center Project

Water management on this new construction site was challenging due to the large volume and size of pipe required.  Approximately 500 acres drained through this property via an existing county drain.  The engineer originally specified concrete pipe, but contractors were allowed to submit proposed design changes and related costs.

  Poindexter Excavating offered large diameter HDPE pipe from Prinsco as an alternative to concrete based on its potential to save time and installation cost.  The HDPE pipe in diameters from 12 to 60 inches provided the same or better performance and could be used with the existing specified Class 1 backfill.  The cost savings and value engineering of the HDPE pipe in lieu of concrete saved the project more than eight percent over the entire utility package amount. 

Prinsco’s Heather Christensen and Carl Douglass receive the Project of the Year Award from PPI’s Daniel Currence, director of engineering, CPPA division (left) and Tony Radoszewski, president (right).


PPI Member Company:  Arkema, Inc., King of Prussia, PA 

Awarded Project:  Polyamide 11 Piping System for Landfill Gas Project

This BioResource Development LLC (BRD) pipeline project connects landfill gas to the local gas distribution system.  A three-mile piping system was required that could be operated at up to 200 psi to transport methane produced by the State Street Landfill, operated by Douglas County (Omaha, NE).  The pressure requirements exceeded the tolerances that high-density polyethylene (HDPE) could offer, resulting in BRD’s move to consider either polyamide 11 or steel.  The upfront economics for PA11 were far more attractive than steel, the company reported.

    The PA11 is derived from a bio-renewable source which fits with BRD’s mission and focus on environmental sustainability.  The pipe for this project was made from Rilsan® PA11, a product of Arkema, Inc.  Georg Fischer Central Plastics LLC (Shawnee, Okla.) supplied the piping, fittings and transitions, offering a complete PA11 piping system. 

Harvey Svetlik of Georg Fischer Central Plastics (second from left) and Brandon Babe (second from right) of Arkema receive the Project of the Year Award from PPI’s Randy Knapp, director of engineering, EPS division (left) and Tony Radoszewski, president  (right).


PPI Member Company:  ISCO Industries, Louisville, KY

Awarded Project:  Calder Road 39-Inch Waterline Replacement Project

Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA) and the City of League City, Texas were faced with the need to renew a critical 39-inch PCCP (prestressed concrete cylinder pipe) water transmission main.  The 39-inch PCCP water main required replacement of approximately 6,800 feet along Calder Road.  The main, which interconnects the City of Houston and Galveston County, had been suffering from severe breaks and leaking joints.  Maintaining capacity was imperative. GCWA considered several trenchless methods, choosing Swagelining™ with HDPE pipe as it provided the best value.  Murphy Pipeline Contractors utilized ISCO Industries for its HDPE pipe for Swagelining due to their knowledge of the product, services, and ability to meet critical time restraints with custom fabrication. ISCO provided 1000 mm OD pipe (39.37”) inside a 39” ID host pipe.

  The project involved four pulls ranging from 1,250 feet to 2,100 feet in length.  The long pull lengths allowed for long-fused sections of HDPE to be installed, eliminating the potential for future leaks. 

Receiving the PPI Project of the Year Award are ISCO’s Steve Sandstrum (second from left) and Michael Whitehouse, (third from left).  Presenting the award are Camille Rubeiz, director of engineering for PPI’s municipal and industrial division (left) and Tony Radoszewski, president PPI (right).

PPI Members of the Year

In addition to the PPI Projects of the Year, the association also cited members who have contributed their time and expertise to the advancement and technical documentation of thermoplastic pipe.

As voted by their fellow members, the PPI Members of the Year are:

PPI Conduit Division: Yonas Kebede, Formosa Plastics, Livingston, NJ, flanked by PPI technical director, Sarah Patterson and PPI president, Tony Radoszewski.

PPI CPPA Division:  Michael Pluimer, Crossroads Engineering Services, Breezy Point, MN, (center) with  Daniel Currence, director of engineering, PPI CPPA division (left) and Tony Radoszewski, PPI president (right).

PPI Municipal and Industrial Division:  White Jee, Sasol USA, Houston, TX, (center) with Camille Rubeiz, director of engineering for PPI’s M+I division (left) and Tony Radoszewski, president PPI (right).

For more information, visit the Plastics Pipe Institute website:  www.plasticpipe.org.

About PPI:

The Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry and is dedicated to promoting plastics as the material of choice for pipe applications.  PPI is the premier technical, engineering and industry knowledge resource publishing data for use in development and design of plastic pipe systems.  Additionally, PPI collaborates with industry organizations that set standards for manufacturing practices and installation methods.

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