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Specification Section: Polyethylene Pipe Products

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Polyethylene (PE) pipe is routinely specified and used in utility services such as natural-gas and potable-water distribution, sanitary and forced sewer, stormwater management, electrical and communication conduits, hot- and cold-water service lines, geothermal heating and cooling, and subsurface drainage. PE pipe is a sustainable solution, given its low-energy manufacture and long life, and its performance has been validated for more than 50 years. PE pipe’s many advantages include lightweight construction for easy handling, high resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and strength and durability to withstand severe loading conditions. This introductory detail was sourced from the Plastics Pipe Institute (www.plasticpipe.org).

This brief listing is meant to introduce a sampling of manufacturers and suppliers, with Web addresses to access further information. If we missed your company or a product, email [email protected], and we’ll add it.

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) Inc. has been providing products for drainage and surface-water control for more than 40 years, with a range of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe products. www.ads-pipe.com

Aquatherm produces and distributes PE pipe for pressurized plumbing and mechanical systems of all sizes and in many specifications tailored for different applications, ranging from potable water to radiant heating and cooling. www.aquatherm.com

Baughman Tile Co. Inc. is a regional manufacturer of corrugated HDPE pipe and fittings for storm sewer, culverts, septic, catch basins and more. www.baughmantile.com

Blue Diamond Industries manufactures HDPE pipe for communication, power, fiber to the home, intelligent transportation systems, geothermal and pressure-pipe applications. www.bdiky.com

Bow Plastics produces drainage and pressure plumbing products in all major plastic materials such as ABS, PVC, CPVC, PEX and PE. www.bow-group.com

Charter Plastics Inc. manufactures HDPE for potable water, reclaimed water, sewer, geothermal, gas, irrigation and industrial applications in a wide variety of sizes and specifications. www.charterplastics.com

Contech Engineered Solutions produces a range of HDPE pipe for a variety of drainage and flow applications, including sanitary, storm and irrigation. The company’s Eagle Corr PE Dual Wall pipe is available in 4- to 60-inch diameters. www.conteches.com

Crumpler Plastic Pipe has a range of single-wall and smooth-core corrugated HDPE plastic pipe. www.cpp-pipe.com

Dura-Line offers pressure pipe products for a range of applications that include potable and reclaimed water, sewer, geothermal, irrigation, and oil and gas gathering and distribution. www.duraline.com

Endot Industries Inc. produces water pipe and tubing for water, gas, geothermal and conduit in black as well as color-coded for water, sewer or reclaimed water systems. www.endot.com

Flying W Plastics Inc. offers HDPE pipe products for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. www.flyingwplastics.com

Fratco/Francesville Drain Tile Corp. manufactures PE corrugated pipe for a variety of field and stormwater drainage systems. www.fratco.com

Georg Fischer Central Plastics Pipe & Fabricated Products has one of the largest lines of HDPE pipe and fabricated products, with sizes ranging from 2- to 65-inch diameters. www.independentpipeproducts.com

Hancor Inc. manufactures HDPE pipe in single and dual wall for a variety of stormwater drainage applications, including large-diameter pipe (up to 60-inch), with a corrugated exterior for strength and a smooth interior for hydraulics. www.hancor.com

High Country Fusion supplies a wide range of HDPE pipe and creates custom fabrications out of HDPE for anything that can be made out of steel. www.hcfusion.com

Industrial Pipe Fittings LLC manufactures quality-pressure HDPE pipe and fittings from ½- to 65-inch and limited pressure through 120-inch diameters. www.hdpefittings.com

IPEX Inc. supplies one of the world’s most diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems: pipe, valves, fittings, auxiliary components and tools. www.ipexamerica.com

JM Eagle is a leading manufacturer of PVC and PE plastic pipe with a wide array of high-grade and high-performance pipe. www.jmeagle.com

Lane Enterprises Inc. produces HDPE plastic drainage products for the construction industry, with 10 plants throughout the East Coast. www.lane-enterprises.com

Mercury Plastics is a leader in custom thermoplastic extrusions, fabrication and assembly. www.mercuryplastics.com

National Pipe & Plastics Inc. expanded its 27- through 48-inch PVC Water and Sewer product line in a broad range of wall thicknesses and pressure classes. www.nationalpipe.com

NIBCO PEX systems provide a safe, economical and energy-efficient piping alternative for water distribution, municipal water supply, geothermal climate control, snow melt and drip irrigation. www.nibco.com

Pacific Corrugated Pipe offers HDPE pipe for heavy-duty applications such as storm sewers, culverts, stormwater storage and water-quality applications. www.pcpipe.com

Performance Pipe offers pipe ranging from ½- to 54-inch, with pressure ratings up to 350 psi. Primary markets include water/wastewater, industrial, energy, gas distribution, mining, landfill, geothermal and trenchless. www.performancepipe.com

Prinsco Inc. manufactures a range of HDPE pipe in nine plants in the United States and two in Canada. Its pipe is known for a gold stripe as a reminder of quality, with testing labs at all plants and a rigorous quality-control process. Their expanded civil-construction products offer high-performance solutions for water-management needs. www.prinsco.com

REHAU Inc. offers high-performance polymer pipes for the potable water industry. na.rehau.com

Soleno Inc. offers solutions to meet the collection, conveyance, treatment and storage of stormwater. www.soleno.com

Southeast Culvert manufactures storm-drainage products for the construction industry, with corrugated HDPE pipe from 12- to 60-inch. www.southeastculvert.com

Springfield Plastics Inc. offers single- and double-wall corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe for underground drainage applications. www.spipipe.com

TIMEWELL drainage products offer a range of single- and dual-wall corrugated HDPE pipe in many diameters. www.timewellpipe.com

Uponor is an international manufacturer and distributor of plastic pipe systems for the distribution of water, drainage, energy, electricity, telecommunications and data. www.uponor-usa.com

WL Plastics offers HDPE pipe for potable and wastewater applications. www.wlplastics.com



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