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Tekla Strengthens Software Portfolio with New Version of Tedds for Structural Engineers

Matt Ball on June 3, 2015 - in Products, Structural components

HELSINKI, June 3, 2015—Tekla, a Trimble company, introduced today Tedds 2015, a new version of its software for automating repetitive civil and structural calculations for engineers. Added after Trimble’s acquisition of CSC in 2011, Tedds is an integral part of the Tekla portfolio of software for the architectural, engineering and construction industry. This release includes new features and enhancements that can increase productivity and significantly reduce the time engineers spend producing calculations and associated documentation.

New features allow engineers to better analyze and design beams to Eurocode—the harmonized technical rules developed by the European Committee for Standardisation for the structural design of construction works in the EU. The new capabilities also enable users to simultaneously review multiple loading configurations, and produce high-quality documentation that combines numerous calculations into a single report.

Barry Chapman, Director of Engineering at Tekla said, “Tedds 2015 enhances the Tekla portfolio and illustrates our commitment to meeting the changing needs of structural engineers. At Tekla, we understand how important productivity and performance are to our customers’ businesses, and this release delivers on our commitment, enabling customers to more quickly achieve efficient designs.”

New, Easy-to-Use Features Increase Productivity

  • Intuitively Design Steel Beams to Eurocode – Users can model and analyze a complete 2D frame and then design each beam, all within a single integrated calculation, eliminating the need to design each beam individually in a separate calculation.
  • Review Multiple Loading Configurations Simultaneously – Using the new in-built load combination generator within the 2D analysis calculation, engineers can review multiple loading configurations simultaneously.
  • More Easily Combine Multiple Calculations in a Single Report – Numerous calculations can now be more easily combined into a single report for submitting to clients or checking authorities.
  • Access all Design Codes – Users can now use all design codes including Australian, Canadian and US codes, British Standards and Eurocode, giving engineers the scope to work on different projects in areas where multiple design codes are used.
  • Free Upgrade Opportunity for Maintained Users Supported Tedds users with a local license or USB key will receive a free upgrade to network licensing, enabling all their engineers to access Tedds.


Tedds 2015 is available now. For more information and to download Tedds 2015, visit: www.tekla.com/products/tedds.

About Tedds

Tedds joined the Tekla portfolio as part of Trimble’s acquisition of CSC in 2011. Using Tedds, structural engineers can access a fully automated library of civil and structural calculations to Australian, Canadian and US codes, British Standards and Eurocode. Because the calculations are fully transparent, they strengthen confidence in design results and help engineers create professional and consistent project documents, including notes and sketches. For additional flexibility, engineers can write, store and distribute custom calculations.

About Tekla

Tekla’s Building & Construction business is part of Trimble Buildings, a Trimble segment focused on technology solutions that improve collaboration, efficiency and accuracy across the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle of construction. Tekla drives the evolution of digital information models to provide greater competitive advantage to the construction, infrastructure and energy industries. Established in 1966, Tekla has customers in over 100 countries, offices in over 20 countries, and a global partner network. Information on Tekla solutions can be found at: www.tekla.com.

Details about Trimble Buildings’ complete DBO portfolio are available at: http://buildings.trimble.com.

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