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HxGN Live Main Keynote Tackles Human Ingenuity

Matt Ball on June 1, 2015 - in Design/Engineering, Event Coverage, Featured, Modeling

Hexagon’s annual conference, HxGN Live, kicked off this evening in Las Vegas with a main stage keynote in the arena at the MGM Grand, best known for major boxing events. The high-production-value event was complete with seat-shaking music and a choreographed light show.

Hexagon’s president and CEO, Ola Rollén, addressed the crowd with the theme of human ingenuity. He spoke of Uber, AirBNB, and Alibaba as examples of some of the more interesting new companies proving ingenuity is still game changing. But, he said that we’re here to address the big challenges: pollution, population growth and how we enable mankind to resolve today’s problems.

Human progress is shaping the world with a combination of imagination and knowledge. The shape of progress is information technology, and it’s very new at just 40 years old. Hexagon is about information technology focused on capturing the digital world, and moving away from point solutions toward collaborative workflow processes to share information beyond organization boundaries, to collaborate and to analyze and automate with artificial intelligence.

Hexagon is shaping change starting with their Smart Connected Factory – with their measurement machines connecting to robots for complex factory settings. The next phase is the intelligent management of construction process. Another thing they are working on is connected robotic intelligence that take on dangerous, repetitive and monotonous environments for security and public safety.

Another area they are working on is mapping, and they’re announcing a new product at this event that will enable an intelligent crowd-sourced maps. The company promises more precision, more updates, and more information on our maps.

The last trend that the company is addressing is autonomous solutions: farms, mines, traffic. The cars we have today at 800 million on the planet are used at most 10 percent of the time. If they were autonomous, we could use maybe ten percent of those cars for far less traffic and pollution.

This bold vision, backed up by integrated products, is something we’ve come to expect at this event and from this thought leader. It’s going to be an interesting few days here in Las Vegas.

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