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Autodesk Aims to Ease Construction Scheduling with BIM 360 Plan

Matt Ball on May 21, 2015 - in Modeling, Products

The headache around planning on construction sites just got a little easier. Today, Autodesk, the $2.3 billion software company, is welcoming a new tool to its BIM 360 product family – BIM 360 Plan, a new web service and mobile app that aims to simplify the construction production planning process. The planning software incorporates Lean Construction practices with an easy-to-use, highly visual interface. Here are some highlights:

  • Work collaboratively and more efficiently with teams on project deliverables with “anywhere, anytime” access that provides real-time visibility into planning
  • Enables professionals to incorporate Lean Construction practices in to their day-to-day to reduce waste associated with overproduction, excess inventory and task rework
  • Replace the manual process of entering data into spreadsheets to improve accuracy on projects


Construction contractors can increase the reliability of their project work plans, and reduce waste associated with overproduction, excess inventory, and task rework—all of which helps preserve project profits.

“As the construction industry explores and adopts new approaches to project delivery, Lean Construction is emerging as the best practice for project execution,“  said Jim Lynch, Vice President, Building and Collaboration Product Line Group, Autodesk.  “BIM 360 Plan can help customers conduct these Lean practices more efficiently”.

To learn more, sign up for a webinar on 5/21 here. The webinar, led by Hal Macomber, lean construction expert and principal at Lean Project Consulting, will outline the benefits of Lean Construction while also providing a first-hand look at BIM 360 Plan.

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