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Yotta Sets Horizons on European Expansion

Matt Ball on May 19, 2015 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering, Transportation

Leamington Spa, UK, May 19, 2015—Yotta has expanded its  global operations
with the first European installations of the Horizons  visualised asset
management platform. Working with Wegdekmeten, the newly  appointed Yotta
distributor in the Netherlands, the Dutch infrastructure  services company De
Jong Zuurmond will roll out Horizons across a number of  projects. These will
include maintenance of the fourth largest sea port in the  Netherlands and
contracts with Rijkswaterstaat, an executive of the Ministry of
Infrastructure and Environment. Horizons will be used to collate and present  detailed
highway asset information, collected by Wegdekmeten, to inform planning  of
maintenance works and condition reporting.

“The environments in  which we operate are complex and challenging,”
commented Gerrit Zuurmond, CEO of  De Jong Zuurmond, “and our clients expect up
to date, detailed and accurate  reports on the services we provide and the
condition of their assets. Working  with Wegdekmeten, we can collect this
level of data and now, using Horizons, we  can interrogate and analyse the data
to improve decision making and planning,  and present the results in an easy
to understand way.”

“We collect  data for all types of infrastructure assets on behalf of a
range of clients  including contractors, such as De Jong, and owners including
government  organisations,” commented Fred Mekken, Owner at Wegdekmeten. “
Working with  Horizons we can help them turn this data into information that
can be easily  understood, shared and used to enhance decision making across
a diverse set of  applications.”

“This is the first application of Horizons outside  the UK and represents a
major milestone in the product lifecycle,” concluded  Nick Smee, CEO of
Yotta. “We already have a well-defined development path for  the European
market, based on the initial partnerships with Wegdekmeten and De  Jong, and we
are looking at a number of other opportunities around the  world.”

Horizons is a  visualised Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) asset management
platform designed to  make it easier for asset managers to visualise, manage
and optimise all their  asset management strategies and records in a unique
and effective way using a  single cloud-based solution. Since launching to
market in 2012 Horizons has  experienced significant growth in sales in the
UK and with customers including  the Highways England (formerly UK Highways
Agency), the London Borough of  Richmond and Lancashire County Council, to
name just a  few.

Yotta is a provider of software and services that help  customers transform
how they manage their infrastructure  assets.

Innovation is at the heart of the Yotta approach; whether  in the
development of more efficient or more accurate surveying techniques or in  the
development of software that helps make the intangible tangible. The Yotta
Horizons and Yotta Mayrise platforms, used by the majority of local authorities,
national agencies and forward thinking utility companies, lie at the heart
of  Yotta’s ethos – helping organisations use asset data to inform better
operational and strategic decisions.

To find out more, please  visit: www.yotta.co.uk

Wegdekmeten is a specialist surveying and  inspection company. Working with
contractors and road authorities across the  Netherlands Wegdekmeten
collect and analyse infrastructure asset data in order  to provide detailed
condition reports, financial projections and informed  maintenance programmes.

Wegdekmeten is a sister company of civil  engineering specialists Inframea.
The Inframea network consists of specialised  freelancers and reputable
agencies that address all aspects from project  conception to completion and
ongoing management. Inframea holds a BS EN ISO  9001: 2008 certificate,
ensuring its employees to continuously strive to achieve  improvements in
processes and the organisation.

To find our more,  please visit: www.wegdekmeten.nl or www.inframea.nl

De Jong  Zuurmond has been providing asset management services for more
than 25 years.  Specialising in the provision of maintenance and management
services for roads  and waterside environments De Jong Zuurmond has contracts
with road authorities,  port operators and government organisations across
the Netherlands. Services  offered by De Jong Zuurmond include cleaning of
highways networks and related  infrastructure, landscape services, installation
and maintenance of highways  assets and incident response.

To find out more, please visit:  www.dejongbv.com

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