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Leica Geosystems Strengthens Solutions for Rail Industry with Acquisition of Technet-rail

Matt Ball on May 6, 2015 - in Corporate, Rail, Surveying/Mapping

Heerbrugg, Switzerland, May 6, 2015—Leica Geosystems announces the acquisition of Technet-Rail 2010 Gmbh, a software development firm specialising in geospatial big data applications for the rail transportation industry.

Incorporating technet-rail’s specialised knowledge will extend Leica Geosystems’ offerings, specifically in the mobile mapping segment and enable the bundling of direct or hosted market vertical solutions for the rail industries.

Extending mobile mapping into the rail industry
technet-rail’s highly-mathematical and probability-perception approach to analysing large 3D datasets has experienced much success in use on rail networks with mobile mapping data, including applications such as dynamically extracting clearances and rail gauges over whole rail networks. With this technology, Leica Geosystems is now able to further extend existing mobile mapping solutions into the rail industry. This includes developing specific monitoring tools for dedicated pit-to-ports rail networks, solutions for timely and cost-effective rail bridge refurbishment, and enabling monitoring of the growing high-speed rail networks. Offering full geo-referenced rail network maps, technet-rail 3D data tools can be used to calculate maximum train speeds – a process that until now was without an as-built basis.

“Our mobile mapping platform has been used all around the world in every imaginable transportation mode, yet, we recognised the need for a more integrated workflow for our transportation customers,” said John Welter, president of Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions Division. “Acquiring the innovative software technology provided by technet-rail, we can now provide our customers with a seamless solution for any collected transportation infrastructure application – including rail networks.”

These same mathematical approaches are also usable for clearances and deformation analyses of roads and highways. Leica Geosystems will further advance mobile mapping software and solutions in this segment, increasing its value to customers.

“With this new specialisation of intelligent analysis of raw 3D data in our mobile mapping portfolio, we foresee building strong relationships with multiple scanner vendors and manufactures,” said Stuart Woods, Leica Geosystems GSD vice-president. “This combo of new technology and beneficial relationships will allow us to provide our customers with even more options to obtain and make sense of the data they collect.”

Intelligent data for rail
With its headquarters in Berlin, technet-rail creates software solutions in the areas of railway construction, surveying as well as the integration of geodata, 3-D laser scanning, inertial systems and satellite-supported navigation, and multi-sensor systems in track and road construction. Widely recognised for its modular software package, SiRailData, the firm provides clients with intelligent processing of railway infrastructure data.

“We have closely worked with both our customers and our partners to extract the most intelligence from real-world data while developing real-world tools for the transportation industry,” said Dr. Ivo Milev of technet-rail, “We look forward to continuing and building this with Leica Geosystems, a leader in mobile mapping technology.”

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