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New Website Documents State of Transportation in Missouri

Matt Ball on April 29, 2015 - in Corporate, Modeling, Roads, Transportation

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Now MoDOT web visitors have a one-stop location for keeping up with Missouri’s 325 System.

The 325 Report focuses on updates to Missouri’s road and bridge conditions and any developments in efforts to find additional funding.

“This website gives engaged citizens a one-stop location for learning about how MoDOT will maintain Missouri’s transportation system as funding levels drop,” said Roberta Broeker, MoDOT’s chief financial officer.

Located at www.modot.org/325report, the website features videos, profiles of MoDOT employees, features on engaged citizens, the Commission publication View from the Chair, and a variety of supporting materials to keep visitors informed on the condition of Missouri’s roads and bridges and possible solutions for the funding shortfall.

Faced with dramatically reduced funding and a construction budget of $325 million, Missouri will not be able to match federal transportation funds beginning in 2017. In February, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission adopted “Missouri’s 325 System,” a plan to focus MoDOT’s limited resources by dividing Missouri’s highways into primary and supplementary routes.

Primary routes include approximately 8,000 miles of Missouri roads that could be maintained in the condition they are in today. Supplementary routes, the approximately 26,000 miles remaining, would receive limited, routine maintenance. The condition of supplementary routes will continue to degrade over time, and, in some cases, additional roads and bridges may have to be closed.

“These will be ongoing concerns over the next few years,” Broeker said. “While the funding discussion moves forward with our citizens and legislators, the needs of the system continue to grow.”

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