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Los Angeles Announces City Sustainability Plan

Matt Ball on April 9, 2015 - in Corporate, Smart Cities

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2015—Mayor Eric Garcetti  released L.A.’s first-ever Sustainable City Plan, a comprehensive and actionable policy roadmap to prepare Los Angeles for an environmentally healthy, economically prosperous, equitable future in the context of an expected population growth of 500,000 people over the next 20 years.

The pLAn lays out ambitious short (by 2017) and long term (by 2025 and 2035) targets in 14 categories related to our environment, our economy, and equity encompassing water conservation, clean energy, waste, green jobs, transportation, housing, and neighborhood livability. After announcing the plan, Mayor Garcetti signed an executive directive incorporating the plan into city management, including appointing department-level Chief Sustainability Officers who will work with the city’s Chief Sustainability Officer within the Mayor’s Administration to achieve the plan’s goals.

“Los Angeles grew into one of the world’s great cities because its residents and leaders dreamed, planned and then took action to build the metropolis we enjoy today. Now, it’s our turn to lay a foundation to secure a brighter future for L.A. We expect at least 500,000 additional people to call our city home by 2035. Our first ever sustainability plan details actions we must take in the coming months and years to secure a future for L.A. that is environmentally healthy, economically prosperous and equitable in opportunity for us all,” Mayor Garcetti said. “My back to basics approach is about making sure our city has the strong foundation it needs to soar to new heights.”

The plan’s targets would make L.A. the national leader in solar, electric vehicle infrastructure, water conservation and green jobs.

The plan also breaks new ground by making LA’s first-ever commitments in zero emissions goods movement at the Port of Los Angeles, the first-ever commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, and the first-ever commitment to reduce per capita vehicle miles traveled.

Implementation of the plan will be coordinated across every city department, in accordance with the Executive Directive signed by Mayor Garcetti today. Progress made toward the goals laid out in the plan can be tracked by Angelenos on a special Sustainability segment of the Mayor’s performance metrics dashboard at https://performance.lacity.org/sustainability.

The success of this initiative rides on the adoption and implementation of the details of the plan not only by City Departments but also by organizations and individual Angelenos who are being asked to “Adopt the Plan”. For more information about how to #AdoptThePlan into action, visit lamayor.org/sustainability.

The plan is the product of a year-long process undertaken by L.A.’s first Chief Sustainability Officer, Matt Petersen. Appointed by Mayor Garcetti at the start of his administration, Petersen and his Office of Sustainability have been tasked with instilling sustainability as a core value across city departments, working with all 37 department heads to incorporate sustainability goals into their annual budgets and performance review metrics.

The Mayor’s 7th Executive Directive can be downloaded, here.

For more information or to download a copy of the pLAn, visit: lamayor.org/sustainability

To track City progress toward pLAn goals, visit: performance.lacity.org/sustainability

To see how other Angelenos are adopting the plan, use #planLA and #AdoptThePlan on Twitter and Facebook.

Quotes about the plan:

Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club

“This plan will keep an already world-class city firmly on the path toward a secure and sustainable future. By putting the city’s first-ever sustainability plan into action, Los Angeles will continue its leadership in cleaning up our air, protecting our strained water supplies, and acting on climate. What’s more, this blueprint for safeguarding clean air and water for Los Angeles families recognizes the importance of equity and fairness by ensuring that all Angelenos can benefit from improved air quality, local clean energy, and access to parklands.”

Les McCabe, President and CEO, Global Green USA

“Global Green commends Mayor Garcetti for his bold vision outlined in the City’s first ever sustainability plan. It shows a clear, decisive commitment to making Los Angeles one of the greenest big cities in the country. While there are many strengths to the plan, Global Green especially looks forward to working with Mayor Garcetti to ensure implementation of the ambitious rooftop solar goals that will help bring clean jobs to LA, and avoid sending dirty fossil-fuel jobs out of state.”

Byron Ramos-Gudiel, Executive Director, Communities for a Better Environment

“CBE applauds Mayor Garcetti and his team for creating this important pLAn which covers wide range of environmental health and justice issues. We look forward to working with the Sustainability Office, various departments and council offices for identifying effective and community driven implementation strategies towards realization of aggressive near-term targets and vital long term goals.”

Joel Reynolds, Western Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

“As we experience our fourth consecutive year of drought, all of us who live here understand the need for a reliable local water supply. And as critical as that is, we need to be looking at sustainable solutions in a host of other areas as well.  Los Angeles has the will and the capacity to be a leader in sustainability, and NRDC is looking forward to working with the mayor to ensure a cleaner, greener future for all of us.”

Hon. Kevin de Leon, CA Senate President Pro Tempore

“With the Sustainable City pLAn, Los Angeles is taking unprecedented steps to improve resiliency and protect residents and business owners from the harmful impacts of climate change. Cities are on the front lines when it comes to climate risk, and Los Angeles is leading the way in response to that risk, while also paving the way for sustainable long-term economic growth.

The plan gives Angelenos a seat at the table, showing exactly how their city is acting to protect them and provide new opportunities in the clean economy. With this tool, the citizens of Los Angeles can measure the success of each and every step in the plan.”

Andy Lipkis, Founder and President, Tree People

“We celebrate Mayor Garcetti and his pLAn’s commitments and recognize that the goals can be enhanced and achieved even sooner if the whole community engages in implementing actions and behavior changes where Angelenos live, work, learn and play. TreePeople stands ready to provide support on many levels, including its education and Citizen Forestry programs and volunteer coordination, technology, inter-agency facilitation, and logistical support.”

Liz Crosson, Executive Director, Los Angeles Waterkeeper

“LA Waterkeeper is proud to support LA’s new Sustainability pLAn. The pLAn is bold and comprehensive, but will need all of us to ensure its success. LA Waterkeeper commits to working with the City to implement and fund its stormwater capture and reuse initiative that will help us reach the goal of 50% locally sourced water supply by 2035 and supporting city-wide management programs that eliminate industrial water pollution in LA’s most impacted communities.”

Michelle Kinman, Executive Director, Environment California

“One of the most essential steps in halting climate change is to transition our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. Today, Mayor Garcetti and the City of Los Angeles made a vital commitment to steer Angelenos toward a safer climate and a cleaner, healthier future for all. By setting a goal to become the nationwide leader in electric vehicles, Los Angeles can significantly reduce global warming pollution, and lead the country towards a clean vehicle revolution.”

Maria Camacho, Director, LA River Revitalization Corporation

“The LA River Revitalization Corporation (LA River Corp.) supports Mayor Garcetti’s first-ever Sustainability City pLAn. The pLAn’s focus on creating a cleaner environment and stronger economy, while ensuring equity for all Angelenos, offers a perfect framework for the LA River Corp.’s belief that the Los Angeles River is integral to our quality of life and essential to building the healthy, vibrant, and resilient region in which we want to live.”

Veronica Padilla, Executive Director, Pacoima Beautiful

“This approach will help businesses to upgrade and modernize their operations and support environmental standards, retain jobs and improve community health in neighborhoods that have long borne the brunt of concentrated industrial and transportation emissions.”

Miguel Luna, Executive Director, Urban Semillas

“We are proud to support a sustainability plan for the city that goes beyond policy and is designed to engage community; and that equally values and integrates equity along with environment and the economy.”

Celia V. Andrade, Chair, A3PCON

“The A3PCON Environmental Justice Committee (EJ Committee) is pleased to lend its support to Mayor Garcetti’s Sustainability PLAn.  We look forward to helping the Sustainability Team in implementing projects that would benefit disadvantaged and low-income communities that we serve.   A3PCON EJ Committee members have been engaged in implementing programs that benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities in the areas of affordable housing, energy efficiency programs, health and mental health, green and open space, to name a few.

Kerry N. Doi, President, PACE

“The Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE) supports Mayor Garcetti’s Sustainability PLAn.  PACE has had decades of experience in training and placement of low-income members of the community as well as in implementing energy efficiency programs in a number of zip codes identified in the CalEnviro Screen that should receive priority attention.  We are eager to help in implementing energy efficiency programs, as well as training and placement of members of these communities in the green industry.  We believe PACE would be an invaluable partner to the Sustainability PLAn’s success.


Sierra Club:  The Sierra Club is America’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, with more than 2.4 million members and supporters. In addition to helping people from all backgrounds explore nature and our outdoor heritage, the Sierra Club works to promote clean energy, safeguard the health of our communities, protect wildlife, and preserve our remaining wild places through grassroots activism, public education, lobbying, and legal action. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we’ve made history by leading the charge to move away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy. Major campaigns include Beyond Coal, Beyond Oil, Beyond Natural Gas, Our Wild America, and Get Outdoors. The Angeles Chapter has 40,000 members in the L.A. and Orange Counties. Local programs include water conservation, zero waste, transportation, and wilderness and outdoor programs.

Global Green:  Global Green USA is the American affiliate of Green Cross International, founded by President Gorbachev, to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. For 20 years, Global Green USA has been a national leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that improve lives and protect our planet.  We create transformative model projects and advance new policies that build sustainable and resilient communities and affordable housing. We help local governments, schools, and public agencies integrate sustainable design, clean energy, and water reduction measures. And we help people reduce waste, live better, and act more sustainably today–and in the future. Our impact has been felt across the country, particularly in areas affected by disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where we led green rebuilding efforts and continue to provide assistance and resources to local residents.

CBE:  Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) is a leading community based organization whose mission is to achieve environmental health and justice by building grassroots power in and with communities of color and working-class communities. With offices in Southeast Los Angeles and the Harbor area in the LA region, CBE is very active in a number of environmental health and justice projects. These projects include: Climate Adaptation and Resilience Enhancement (CARE) project in Wilmington, Clean Up Green Up policies in three pilot areas in the City of Los Angeles, clean renewable energy proposals at LADWP, and enhancing clean transportation options through the Charge Ahead California Initiative. CBE will work closely with the City, allies and residents in the Harbor area and throughout the LA region to advance these policies and projects, which are highlighted within the Mayor’s Sustainability pLAn.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): NRDC is the nation’s most effective environmental action group, combining the grassroots power of 1.4 million members and online activists with the courtroom clout and expertise of nearly 500 lawyers, scientists and other professionals. The New York Times calls them “One of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups.” The National Journal says we’re “A credible and forceful advocate for stringent environmental protection.” Their dedicated staff work with businesses, elected leaders, and community groups on the biggest issues we face today. NRDC priorities include: Curbing Global Warming and Creating the Clean Energy Future, Reviving the World’s Oceans, Defending Endangered Wildlife and Wild Places, Protecting Our Health by Preventing Pollution, Ensuring Safe and Sufficient Water, and Fostering Sustainable Communities

TreePeople:  This 43-year-old nonprofit organization, thrives in its mission to inspire, engage, and support the people of Los Angeles to take responsibility and participate in the vision of a safe, healthy, fun and sustainable city.

Los Angeles Waterkeeper:   Founded in 1993, Los Angeles Waterkeeper’s mission is to protect and restore Santa Monica Bay, San Pedro Bay, and adjacent waters through enforcement, fieldwork, and community action. We work to achieve this goal through litigation and regulatory programs that ensure water quality protections in waterways throughout L.A. County. LA Waterkeeper’s Litigation & Advocacy, Marine, and Water Quality teams conduct interconnected projects that serve this mission.

Environment California:  Environment California is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. We believe there’s something special about California — something worth protecting and preserving for future generations. Whether it’s our magnificent Pacific coastline, Yosemite’s “glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space,” or our 278 state parks, California’s natural wonders enrich our lives in countless ways.  Defending our environment requires independent research, tough-minded advocacy and spirited grassroots action. That’s the idea behind Environment California. Together with hundreds of thousands of supporters from all walks of life, we take the kind of action that wins tangible results for our environment.

LA River Revitalization Corporation: The LA River Corp objective is to create healthy, vibrant communities with greater open space, enhanced green infrastructure, and better recreational facilities. They are a non-profit venture charged with catalyzing responsible real estate and related economic development along the LA River. Their mission is to transform the LA River to improve people’s lives by carrying out sustainable land use projects, advocacy for river friendly policy, and programs for community benefit. They are working to create a continuous 51-mile greenway corridor that will run along a restored LA River. Think of it as a linear Central Park—a grand public space that will redefine how we move through Los Angeles. The LA River can connect people throughout Los Angeles, restore natural habitat in some of the most park-poor communities in the country, and leave an open space legacy for generations to come.

Pacoima Beautiful: Founding in 1996, Pacoima Beautiful is currently working on keeping community members of all ages engaged in the environmental justice movement through three community organizing initiatives; Clean Up Green Up (CUGU), Complete Streets and the Pacoima Wash Vision Plan. Clean Up Green Up would help connect residents and industrial businesses in Pacoima, Boyle Heights, and Wilmington with the City of Los Angeles. The businesses in these areas would learn how to abide by existing environmental regulations and learn how to access resources and possible incentives. The end result would create cleaner industries and overall improved environmental conditions for business and residents alike.

Urban Semillas: Urban Semillas is a social conscientious, reconnaissance and outreach, community-based, watershed driven organization. Their overarching goal is; to educate underserved and monolingual (Spanish-speaking) communities about watershed and social justice issues; and provide these with community-building skills, thus empowering them to participate in local citywide planning as well as playing an active role in city, state and nationwide policies.

A3PCON:  The Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON) is a coalition of community-based organizations that advocates for the rights and needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) Community in the greater Los Angeles area, with a particular focus on low income, immigrant, refugee and other disadvantaged sectors of the population.

PACE:   PACE is a non-profit community development organization founded in 1976 to address the employment and job training needs of the Pacific Asian Islander communities. PACE has since expanded into a variety of service areas, all tailored to meet the growing and changing needs of the multi-ethnic communities in Los Angeles County. Now, in addition to job training and employment services, significant PACE programs encompass: business development; early childhood education; financial education and asset building; housing and rehabilitation services; weatherization and energy-conservation programs; and affordable housing development.

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