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DC Solar Mapping: Where and Why Does Solar Succeed?

Matt Ball on July 18, 2012 - in Energy

Using data from DC Public Service Commission (DC PSC), Sol Systems mapped each solar array registered to produce SRECs in DC. The results may surprise you. At first glance, the solar map of DC is packed with systems – a sign of a healthy and thriving solar industry in the District. Upon further study, however, it becomes clear that the systems are highly uneven in their distribution. More specifically, there are two apparent hotspots – one in the Capitol Hill neighborhood to the east of the National Mall, and one directly north of downtown D.C. in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood – while the sparest solar concentrations are found in Southeast DC. While socioeconomic divisions certainly account for a good deal of the differences in the number of systems in each ward, closer examination shows that strong incentives coupled with local advocacy and organizing can make the difference between a few houses with solar and a true solar neighborhood.

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