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Oregon Transportation Commission Approves $6.5 million for Multimodal Projects

Matt Ball on March 20, 2015 - in Financial

SALEM, March 20, 2015—The Oregon Transportation Commission awarded the remaining $6.5 million inConnectOregon V funds to six multimodal projects, concluding activity for this latest round of multimodal funding. The projects were among the top ranked projects resulting from a process that included reviews by modal and geographic committees and a final review committee, along with input received from the public. The projects awarded funds are:

Group                                    Project                          Requested       Approved

City of Eugene                     Bike Share                          $909,066        $ 909,066

Teevin Bros.                          Intermodal Facility          $2,339,093      $2,339,093

Sause Bros.                          Heavy Lift Equipment         $965,148         $965,148

Sisters Airport                       Capital Improvement          $733,259         $733,259

Columbia County                Rainier Transit Center          $542,646         $542,646

Salem Area Mass Transit   So. Salem Transit Ctr.       $1,000,000      $1,000,000

ConnectOregon focuses on improving connections and supporting local economies throughout the state. Dedicated to non-highway projects, ConnectOregon was first approved by the Oregon legislature in 2005 and has funded more than 130 marine/ports, aviation, public transit, and rail projects around the state. For ConnectOregon V, bicycle/pedestrian projects were also eligible to compete for funds.

For more about the program and process, including links to applications, visit the ConnectOregon website, http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/TD/TP/pages/connector.aspx.

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