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Innovyze SCADAWatch and infraMAP Connect to Power Field Staff with Real-Time SCADA Data and Network Modeling Analytics

Matt Ball on March 10, 2015 - in Modeling, Products, Water

Broomfield, Colo., March 10, 2015—Expanding the boundaries of smart water network innovation, Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced seamless data exchange between the company’s SCADAWatch and infraMAP (iWater, Irvine, CA). This new reciprocal data interoperability leverages the strengths of both technologies to bring real-time SCADA and operational network data to field staff during routine maintenance activities. The move opens a new frontier in decision analytics for water utilities.

Field personnel can now view, share, analyze all key water information and operational performance in motion (e.g., pump on-off status, tank filling or draining, valve status and settings) on a real-time business dashboard — all while keeping track of what type of maintenance has been performed. In addition, they can quickly view up-to-date network model results (e.g., pressures, flows, velocities, tank levels, water quality) directly in infraMAP. This mission-critical integration allows field personnel to know at any time what the pressures and flows are throughout their water distribution systems and gauge the impact of any asset adjustment (e.g., closing a valve or a pump). The resulting network hydraulic and water performance can be directly updated to ArcGIS Online (Esri, Redlands, CA) and viewed by field staff on their laptops, tablets or smart phones.

“Today, the water utility industry faces unique challenges,” said Don Rhodes, President of iWater. “The need for real-time SCADA data and network modeling and decision analytics, coupled with comprehensive facility mapping and management, has never been more pressing. By using SCADAWatch and infraMAP in concert, water utility field personnel can now more effectively keep track of information as well as what type of maintenance has been performed, reliably evaluate the condition and performance of their assets, determine the most cost-effective way to maintain them well into the future, and continue to best serve their customers.”

A leading asset mapping tool, infraMAP software is a GPS-guided mobile GIS solution that allows seamless data collection and updates to a Utilities Asset Management Program. It is geared toward field crews and does not require GIS experience. Key features include work orders, redlining, one-click reporting, isolation traces, asset inspection forms and history records.

SCADAWatch equips water utilities with the first-ever scalable framework for proactively viewing, sharing and analyzing all key water information, operational performance indicator (KPI) measures and hydraulic and water quality data in motion on a real-time business dashboard. By directly connecting to SCADA and meter data, it turns traditional offline analyses into real-time, actionable intelligence for better, faster decision making and insightful recommendations at key operational touch points. It enables water utilities to save time, monitor everything from uptime to analytics, focus on what matters, react faster to important events and identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies as they happen.

“Reciprocal data capabilities between SCADAWatch and infraMAP provide significant benefits to water utilities worldwide,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “Used together, these powerful synergistic solutions offer compelling new ways for field personnel to maximize productivity, improve system performance and sustainability, reduce operational down times and maintenance costs, minimize inefficiencies, and enable better and faster decision making. We are excited about our partnership with iWater and look forward to enhancing our service to our mutual clients.”

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Innovyze is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure business analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water and wastewater utilities, government agencies, and engineering organizations worldwide. Its clients include the majority of the largest UK, Australasia and North American cities, foremost utilities on all five continents, and ENR top-rated design firms. With unparalleled expertise and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the Innovyze connected portfolio of best-in-class product lines empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems, and provides an enduring platform for customer success. For more information visit www.innovyze.com.

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