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SITEOPS 6 Features 3D Visualization and Advanced Budgeting

Matt Ball on July 11, 2012 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering

Today, BLUERIDGE Analytics released  SITEOPS 6, the latest advancement in site optimization and conceptual design software. With this latest release, users can create comprehensive cost reports by assigning costs to items such as sanitary sewage, landscaping and signage, as well as create richer, three-dimensional site designs by integrating SketchUp models.

“SITEOPS has become an important part of how we do business,” said Jeffery C. Orsborn, President of Orsborn Engineering Group. “The software continues to push the envelope of what is possible on the web and in civil design. We are saving time and our clients are saving money – a big win-win!”

The release features enhanced design functionality, allowing for more accurate and dependable models and designs. Users can also create, import and work with Blocks to increase efficiency and reduce redundant tasks. After creating customized SketchUp models – or models from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse – users can import them into SITEOPS via Blocks, create optimized layouts with grading, export the site plans to SketchUp with accurate placement of their 3D models on site plans.

“The new features available in SITEOPS 6 will allow our firm to provide clients with accurate, conceptual site designs that are enhanced by 3D visualization and advanced budgeting,” said Luis Alvarez, Project Design and BIM Manager for Klassen Corporation. “Getting our clients to sign on the dotted line just got easier.”


SITEOPS® is patented site-optimization software for land development provided by BLUERDIGE Analytics® that provides the capabilities to conduct rapid site evaluations and ascertain ‘what-if’ scenarios. SITEOPS generates up to thousands of layouts, grading solutions and storm water drainage combinations in a matter of minutes, determining feasibility and identifying the most cost effective options.

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