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Four Hidden Costs in Stormwater System Bids

Matt Ball on March 3, 2015 - in Corporate, Stormwater

Civil engineers and contracting companies are under a lot of pressure to deliver projects on schedule and on budget throughout the site development process. With increasing focus on stormwater runoff, there are a lot of things to consider when looking at bids and overall project cost.

1.    Installation of many traditional concrete stormwater products require multiple pieces of heavy machinery. Having an extra crane on site for additional days can really add to installation costs.

2.    Sealing piping into a system might be extra. Some products are custom-designed and require little to no assembly on site, but others require sealing these devices at the time of installation and even include a disclaimer placing responsibility for leaks on the contractor installing the product. Read the fine print to ensure you aren’t adding time or risk to your project.

3.    Delivery for products can be very expensive and can even include road closures to get your finished product to the application site. Check to find out what kind of extra delivery fees you might pay that aren’t included in the bid.

4.    Maintenance might not be a top priority when a product is installed, but it sure will be later.

A system should be designed for maintenance, and not all products are created equal when it comes to inspections and upkeep. Check the product’s maintenance manual for using special tools or equipment, whether training is needed to maintain the stormwater system, and how often cleaning is required. You can bring extra value to your customers by helping them consider the future functionality of these products.

To find out how AquaShield can ease the challenges of the bidding process and avoid these unexpected cost, call our experienced stormwater experts and engineers at 423-870-8888.

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