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New Advanced Stormwater Chamber Lines Exceed ASTM Standards

Matt Ball on March 2, 2015 - in Products, Stormwater, Water

WILLMAR, Minn. and HARRISBURG, Pa., Mar. 2, 2015 – Prinsco, Inc. and Lane Enterprises announce the launch of two new stormwater chamber lines built from the same, engineered design. The companies have leveraged a combined 120 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the water management industry to co-develop a new high performance, injection molded chamber design for the civil commercial construction market. Their unprecedented partnership has resulted in new chamber options for civil engineers looking for high efficiency stormwater storage and retention products engineered to meet or exceed ASTM F2418, the most rigorous standard to date.

Each company will offer two chamber sizes under their own, unique brands. Prinsco will sell the HydroStor™ line and Lane will sell the StormKeeper™ line. The larger chamber will store 180 cubic feet of stormwater per chamber or 25 cubic feet per linear foot and is designed for high-volume projects. The smaller chamber will store 75 cubic feet of stormwater per chamber or 11 cubic feet per linear foot and is designed for projects with limited burial depths.

These high performance chambers are being made from polypropylene using the industry’s most advanced manufacturing process available: state-of-the-art injection molding. The team chose this method because of its ability to provide uniform, precise material placement. That precision contributes to an extreme level of structural integrity and arch stiffness.

“The mold for the large chamber is over 5 feet tall and 180,000 pounds,” said Lane’s Product Development Director, Kevin Miller. “Yet even with its massive size, we can control material distribution and consistency to a very high level in order to ensure maximum quality and product performance. That makes our considerable investment in injection molding technology well worth it.”

“We’ve engineered these chamber lines to meet or exceed ASTM design standards and be the highest performing chambers on the market today,” said Prinsco’s Director of Engineering, Carl Douglass. “We’ve also designed in value added extras such as integrated handles to make them easier to handle on the jobsite. We think it’s our high performance standards and attention to design detail that will make StormKeeper and HydroStor chambers the products of choice for civil engineers and contractors alike.”

The achievement of these advanced features was made possible by the combined, collaborative efforts of Prinsco’s and Lane’s product development teams.

“While Prinsco had already started development of a chamber product, we knew that by bringing on the right partner we could accomplish considerably more than we could alone,” said Prinsco Vice President and Partner, Jamie Duininck. “We approached Lane because of their vast industry experience, technical expertise and footprint in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. It was great timing because both companies were poised and ready to make a long-term investment in their civil engineered product portfolios with the addition of chamber lines.”

“The amount of combined, yet diverse industry experience is paramount in a project of this nature. Our Lane team included engineers and designers that have worked in various stormwater applications, including plastics and underground pipe products, for more than 30 years,” said Lane President, Pat Collings. “Working collaboratively with Prinsco’s engineering and product development team resulted in a high-performance chamber design that we have every confidence will offer the best structural integrity, water management capacity and overall value in the market.”

StormKeeper and HydroStor chambers are ideal for large civil commercial construction projects with stormwater retention, detention and conveyance needs, and any project looking to maximize underground water management systems.

Learn more about this unique partnership and both chamber brands on our company websites listed below.

About Prinsco, Inc.

Prinsco, Inc. has been in business since 1975 offering water management solutions to the agricultural, residential and civil commercial construction markets. They are a full solutions provider that has 11 manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada, specializing in corrugated HDPE pipe. Visit www.prinsco.com/hydrostor.

About Lane Enterprises

For more than 80 years, Lane Enterprises has designed and manufactured highly-engineered drainage products that provide the highest service life, strength, versatility and economy. With 11 manufacturing facilities across the eastern and southern United States, Lane is a full solutions provider, specializing in corrugated HDPE and metal drainage pipe, as well as structural plate and custom-designed stormwater products. They are one of two major suppliers of HDPE pipe in their market and the second largest producer of corrugated metal pipe nationally. Visit www.lane-enterprises.com

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