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New UK Water Partnership

Matt Ball on February 26, 2015 - in Water

Plans for a new private-public partnership bringing together UK business, research, and policy stakeholders with an interest in water are outlined in a new brochure, UK Water Partnership: A strategic vision for innovation and growth.

The brochure sets out how the UK Water Partnership will be the key to unlocking a $500bn global water market and tackling water security issues though a strategic approach to research, innovation and global clients.

The partnership will be structured around three areas: research and innovation; development and implementation; and commercialisation and economic growth. The current UK Water Research & Innovation Partnership (UKWRIP) will evolve into the new partnership’s research and innovation arm.

At the heart of the partnership, a Leadership Council will offer strategic guidance and co-ordination for the UK water community.

Lord Chris Smith, former cabinet minister and Chair of the Environment Agency, has been appointed as the first Chair of the Leadership Council.  Many private and public sector organisations have already offered their support and made a financial commitment to the partnership.

The partnership will be launched on 26 February 2015, at a London City location.

Further details are available from [email protected]

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