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Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3) Expanded to Provide Additional Product Selection, Estimating and Agronomic Assistance

Matt Ball on February 19, 2015 - in Design/Engineering, Modeling, Products, Site Development

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., Feb. 19, 2015—Profile Products recently expanded the popular, web-based Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3) to include a new product comparison tool, an application calculator, and a more direct line to local expertise in plant species selection. Since it was first launched in 2008, the free site at www.ProfilePS3.com has been helping contractors and specifiers develop holistic, sustainable solutions for cost-effective erosion control and vegetation establishment and subsequent reductions in sediment and other pollutants from leaving disturbed sites.

The new product comparison tool gives users side-by-side performance comparisons for more insight into the design safety levels that various erosion control products will deliver for the given project site. For example, it will calculate the difference in soil loss between an Engineered Fiber Matrix (EFM) versus a wood-fiber hydraulic mulch based on the site parameters a user enters into the system.

Once product options are selected and the entire site solution is finalized, the new application calculator will provide the total amount of each product required for a project. The calculator takes into account the proper application rate for each product given the slope and channel analysis, soil testing and plant species selection. It allows users to select application rates of mulch, fertilizer, seed and other amendments; and determines how much of each product should be added into each hydroseeder load based on the working capacity of the hydroseeder, and how much will be needed for a specific site in total. It allows for the conversion between Imperial or Metric units found for all product recommendations. Users can also enter unit pricing received for all Profile Product recommendations for the site to calculate a cost estimate.

Plant species selection has been streamlined by more direct contact with local agronomic experts for any site in the U.S. For best results, all recommendations should be based on a soil test. Free soil testing is available through PS3 once a project has been entered into the system. PS3 not only offers directions on proper soil collection for testing, it also assists in the interpretation of the soil test results and offer prescriptive application rates of various agronomic formulations to correct soil deficiencies.

“Profile Products is committed to helping our customers find the right solution for each environment in which they work,” said Adam Dibble, senior marketing manager for Profile Products. “The resources available on PS3 help ensure that every project site achieves sustainable vegetation establishment and cost-effective, long-term erosion control.”

PS3 addresses five design considerations to encourage immediate and long-term vegetation for a project: soils; species selection; erosion and sediment control material selection; installation; and inspection and maintenance. Users enter key components and characteristics about the project and its site environment to receive design, diagnostics, explanation and guidance in creating a sustainable erosion and sediment control solution.

To learn more and register for free, visit www.ProfilePS3.com.


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