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Introducing InVision 2.0 Software: GIS for Facility Management

Matt Ball on February 9, 2015 - in Facility Management, Maintenance, Products

Topsham, Me., Feb. 9, 2015—PenBay Solutions, the leading developer of GIS-based facility management and public safety software, is introducing InVision 2.0 in booth #325 at the Esri Federal GIS Conference, February 9-10, 2015. The new technology will also be featured at the facility management conference track in Room 102B at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on February 10th.


Built on the Esri® ArcGIS® platform, PenBay Solutions has developed the InVision software suite to cohesively address a full range of facility management needs, from strategic portfolio planning and management, to day-to-day operations, maintenance, and safety and security. InVision helps users solve both tactical and strategic challenges throughout the facility lifecycle driving measurable results in portfolio performance, facility management and risk mitigation.

WHAT’S NEW IN InVision 2.0?

InVision 2.0 focuses on new and expanded capabilities for mobile viewing and editing workflows, analysis and reporting, and data authoring and interoperability.


The new InVision™ Mobile Viewer is an HTML5 / JavaScript viewer that is designed to work with most mobile devices. Users can leverage the InVision Mobile Viewer to securely deliver a variety of facilities data to other InVision users via smart phones and tablets. The viewer allows users to search across the portfolio, moving seamlessly between the indoors and outdoors, displaying different views of information that may be linked to or related to features of interest on the map. Some common uses of the InVision Mobile Viewer include:

  •     Help a campus community find points of interest, buildings, spaces, etc. across the portfolio.
  •     Securely view space assignments to better understand the allocation of spaces to individuals and departments.
  •     Manage the location of assets and access information linked to those assets in the field.
  •     Securely share emergency plans out in the field where it often matters most.


The InVision Mobile Inspector (also an HTML5 / JavaScript web application) is designed to help users inventory and inspect assets—seamlessly across the indoors and outdoors—throughout the facility portfolio. InVision Mobile Inspector allows users to go out in the field and:

  •     Inventory all manner of items.
  •     Create inspection records associated to those items.
  •     Capture photos to attach to the items.
  •     Upload files to attach to the items.

Floor plan data authoring and interoperability is a core information management challenge for facility managers. InVision 2.0 delivers a number of new capabilities to overcome these challenges. New capabilities related to data authoring and management include:

  •     InVision CAD: this new, fully-featured desktop CAD application provides InVision customers with a toolset to author and maintain their CAD floor plans at a very attractive price. InVision CAD ships with a set of CAD template files and sample data that work directly and immediately with InVision data interoperability workbenches.
  •     Data Interoperability Workbenches: a new set of data interoperability workbenches ship with InVision™ Foundation to streamline the harvest of floor plan data from CAD and BIM sources. These workbenches are designed to function with InVision CAD templates out of the box—or they can be altered to fit specific data sources.
  •     FISDM Support: the InVision 2.0 default schema is now FISDM compliant. The FISDM open source project is intended to be a collection of best practice information models, cartographic designs, templates, and data interoperability tools to help the owners and operators of facilities to get started in building a Facilities GIS. Use InVision out of the box with FISDM data, use conversion tools to migrate data from its existing schema to FISDM, or implement InVision with a custom schema.

For a complete list of InVision 2.0 new features and enhancements, please visit http://www.penbaysolutions.com/invision/whats-new-invision-2-0.

“Collectively, InVision 2.0’s new capabilities deliver more value so our customers can better manage their most critical facilities-related business challenges,” said Stu Rich, CTO at PenBay Solutions. “2.0 is also setting the table for another round of incredible new features and solutions that we plan to release later this year.”

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PenBay Solutions, LLC, has developed the InVision software suite to cohesively address a full range of facility management needs, from strategic portfolio planning and management, to day-to-day operations, maintenance and security. PenBay combines its unparalleled technology with business intelligence to help users cost-effectively and efficiently manage, maintain and operate facilities; design and maintain safe and secure built environments and events; and maximize real estate portfolio performance.

PenBay Solutions provides expertise in defining requirements, creating processes and implementing its Esri GIS-based facility management and public safety technology. InVision software is an integrated, scalable platform offering solutions that help users solve key facility lifecycle challenges at any scale – from tactical to strategic. PenBay Solutions is an Esri Gold Partner with more than fifteen years of experience in successfully implementing GIS solutions for a broad spectrum of clients in a wide variety of industries. Learn more at http://www.penbaysolutions.com.

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