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Intergraph and ETAP Partner for Smart Grid Management Solution

Matt Ball on February 3, 2015 - in Design/Engineering, Electric Grid, Modeling

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Feb. 3, 2015—Intergraph and ETAP announced today a strategic alliance to collaborate on their products’ integration and to market integrated solutions that will enable utilities to better visualize, manage, integrate and optimize the operation of their smart grid. The alliance will provide utilities with flexibility in deploying integrated solutions for engineering planning, asset information management and advanced distribution management including mobile workforce management.

The companies will jointly provide a fully-integrated advanced distribution management system (ADMS) featuring Intergraph’s InService outage management system (OMS) including mobile workforce management and ETAP’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and distribution management system (DMS). A single user interface integrating these different applications will provide electric distribution operators with real-time situational intelligence for improved network reliability and resilience. The collaboration also includes the integration of ETAP’s engineering planning tools with Intergraph’s G/Technology® geographic information systems (GIS).

“Both ETAP and Intergraph are technology and market leaders, offer complementary products and have a compatible vision for advanced smart grid management,” said Teresa Smith, senior vice president, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. “We expect the alliance to produce unprecedented and unmatched software solutions that will allow customers to operate their smart grid reliably and profitably. This partnership gives us flexibility in configuration to meet the evolving needs of utilities.”

The alliance enables Intergraph and ETAP to offer substantial added value to electric utility customers, primarily in the areas of integrated advanced distribution management including mobile workforce management, geospatial asset data management and integrated smart grid design and analysis. The alliance’s integrated solution also supports different operational configurations of Advanced DMS, some of which are market specific, and provides options to integrate parts of an end-to-end solution, depending upon customer need, such as the combination of outage and distribution management systems (OMS/DMS). In addition, the offering will provide flexible and evolving solutions enabling electric utility customers to integrate changes to grid operation and management with the increased deployment of intelligent devices, smart meters, distributed energy resources and microgrids.

“Today, the market is expecting a total engineering planning and operation solution where the electric network is designed, analyzed, validated, and then taken online to provide the electric utility customers an integrated platform for increased efficiency in the lifecycle management of their infrastructures.” said Tanuj Khandelwal, chief product officer of ETAP. “Our model-driven distribution system planning and operations solution offers such a progressive platform for simulating, analyzing, optimizing and  managing the performance of today’s and tomorrow’s smart grid.”

The integration between Intergraph’s products and ETAP’s products is built upon strong use of industry standards. Each company will also continue to support independently similar third-party integrations in customer deployments.

The partnership was announced at the DistibuTECH Conference and Exhibition. Intergraph solutions have aided more than 600 utilities and communications companies around the world. For more information, visitwww.intergraph.com/utilities/.

About ETAP

ETAP is the global market and technology leader in electrical power system modeling, design, analysis, optimization, and predictive real-time solutions. The Company’s software technologies ensure that power systems are designed for optimal reliability, safety, and energy efficiency; when deployed in real-time mode, they enable organizations to manage energy as a strategic asset, maximize system utilization, lower costs, and achieve higher levels of financial stability. To date, tens of thousands of licenses of the Company’s ETAP and ETAP Real-Time products have been used in demanding generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power system projects around the world. For more information, visit etap.com.

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About Intergraph
Intergraph helps the world work smarter. The company’s software and solutions improve the lives of millions of people through better facilities, safer communities and more reliable operations.

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) is the world’s leading provider of enterprise engineering software enabling smarter design and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities. Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) is the leader in smart solutions for emergency response, utilities, telecommunication, transportation and other global challenges. For more information, visit www.intergraph.com.

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