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Battelle Readies for Connected Vehicle Regional Pilots

Matt Ball on January 29, 2015 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering, Sensors, Transportation

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 29, 2015—It’s no secret that President Barack Obama and his Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, have made Intelligent Transportation Systems research, which includes Connected Vehicles, a priority. Common estimates point to as many as 250 million connected cars will be on the road by 2020, making research in safety a premium.

Now, as Obama’s administration transitions from intent to action with the imminent release of what could be as much as $100 million in Federal Highway Administration funds for the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program, Battelle is actively seeking to bring its expertise to the fore as a supporting member of teams around the country that bid for the pilot projects.

“Our recent successes as a leader in the development and deployment of connected vehicle systems make us the perfect team member as these projects around the country get off the ground,” said Mike Janus, General Manager of Battelle’s Critical Infrastructure business unit. “It’s of vital importance to the country that these demonstrations are handled professionally and successfully, and we bring great qualifications to the table.”

Battelle experts have had several recent successes in connected vehicle systems, developing and demonstrating both safety and mobility aspects which include:

  • The Transit Safety Retrofit Package, which was demonstrated as part of the recent Safety Pilot Model Deployment
  • Signal Phase and Timing, and it successor, the Integrated V2I Prototype
  • Integrated Dynamic Transit Operations
  • Intelligent Network Flow Optimization, including speed harmonization and queue warning applications
  • Response, Emergency Staging, Communications, Uniform Management and Evacuation

Additionally, Battelle experts are leaders in cybersecurity and vehicle-embedded systems and recently announced its new working relationship with the SAE International to expand the fourth annual CyberAuto Challenge.

Battelle has been delivering technology solutions for the military and transportation systems for decades. Instant functionality and on-demand scalability are hallmarks of the Battelle team’s capabilities and it can integrate with existing management systems immediately. Research into connected vehicle systems, connected infrastructure systems and cloud-based infrastructure has Battelle ready for further action.

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