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Users Appreciate Bentley SELECT Subscriptions to Maximize Software Flexibility and Return on Investment

Matt Ball on January 29, 2015 - in Corporate, Modeling

Bentley continues to provide a range of commercial innovations, including software subscriptions to fit any size organization. Bentley SELECT prioritizes user success – ensuring that the software, support, and training needed to be productive and competitive are readily accessible.

As KW Chan of KM Ng & Associates, Inc., said, “Bentley SELECT helps us with new software requirements and allows us to try new products by exchanging underused licenses for new ones. It’s a smart idea.”

Said Amy Konary, vice president, software licensing and provisioning, for IDC, “With the pace of technology innovation today, Bentley SELECT helps ensure customers receive perpetual value from their perpetual license assets.”

Bentley’s Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) offers the maximum return on software investment for large, distributed organizations, with the most economical pay-per-use pricing – a single annual fee adjusted once annually based on software usage.

The ELS delivers significant operational and competitive advantage, reducing annual software costs by delivering unrestricted access to Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio of software applications and server products. ELS users receive complementary learning content and direct support to increase user adoption and productivity. ELS subscribers have realized as much as a 30 percent reduction in their overall software costs and as much as a 50 percent increase in productivity. At the same time, they have enjoyed unique subscriptions benefits not available at any other level, including performance consulting and co-investment days.

A.P. Mull, executive director and CEO, TCE Consulting Engineers Limited, said, “Our Bentley ELS supports our ability to be innovative by providing quick access to end-to-end solutions for our projects. The comprehensive portfolio available to us lets our technical teams select software solutions based on the requirements of a specific project without increasing our budget to accommodate them.”

Clinton Leeks, corporate affairs director of Cross London Rail Links, Ltd., said, “The Enterprise License Subscription supports our design teams that use a wide range of Bentley software for railway design activities across all disciplines. This simplification of licensing helps us focus on our core activities in the knowledge that our software licensing requirements are being met.”

With SELECT Open Access, firms of all sizes are reaping the benefits previously available to only the world’s largest organizations. With this latest commercial innovation from Bentley, organizations of any size can flexibly address their project needs and benefit from reduced administration, simplified procurement, and comprehensive usage reporting to manage licenses and deployment. SELECT Open Access eliminates the purchasing barriers to the most effective software utilization, making all Bentley applications “instant-on” and at your service. Usage growth beyond license pools is invoiced in arrears at the end of each calendar quarter.

Ken Crawford, PE, senior engineer, technical specialist, Cosmos Technologies, Inc., said, “Our firm is small, and tight budgets are a daily fact of life. Bentley’s new SELECT Open Access subscription allows us to play in the big leagues, paying only for what we need. No more do we have to do without because we can’t afford to buy the software in one lump sum, much of which we may not need again until the next big project. Plus, we now have access to top-level training and support resources. Try that with ‘those other guys!’ In a word: Thanks.”

In addition, SELECT Open Access provides on-demand and live training in the virtual classroom for new users through Bentley LEARN.

Rebecca Arsham, corporate CADD training manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff, said, “As part of our ELS, Bentley LEARN Enterprise has reduced our training costs while increasing user productivity and accelerating ramp-up time on new projects. We are seeing up to 50 percent increases in productivity, and savings of nearly $250,000 per year in training costs.”

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