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Distributed Offshore Engineering Teams Benefit from Extended Information Mobility

Matt Ball on January 28, 2015 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering, Energy, Modeling

Distributed offshore engineering users of SACS V5.7 are benefiting from the extended information mobility provided through the software’s integration with the ProjectWise project delivery solution as well as enhanced integration with both MOSES and AutoPIPE.

SACS software for the structural analysis and design of offshore structures, including oil, gas, and wind farm platforms, is part of Bentley’s offshore product line. Bentley’s VP of Offshore and Marine Phil Christensen said, “Our offshore users almost invariably work in highly geographically distributed engineering teams. In this release we have integrated the collaboration capabilities of ProjectWise into SACS to facilitate sharing of SACS project files.”

The Bentley offshore engineering product line also includes MOSES, software for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis. The latest release of SACS is a substantial upgrade to this industry-leading offshore structural analysis software and includes increased interoperability with MOSES and integration with AutoPIPE for pipe load management. These capabilities enable collaborative workflows among offshore structural engineering and naval architecture teams. Team sharing of SACS project files across distributed offices and smooth flow of data within a project and across project sites are enabled by using Bentley’s ProjectWise.

Sharad Jain, lead structural engineer, L&T-Valdel, said, “In the present industry dynamics, effective cost management is the only mantra for competitiveness and sustainability. Engineering software has emerged as the principle tool to reduce the engineering cycle time and achieve desired results. For offshore structural design, that software is SACS.”

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