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Placeworks Applies Geodesign, Both Science and Art

Matt Ball on January 22, 2015 - in Analysis, Corporate, Event Coverage, Planning

David Early, principal of Placeworks, presented this morning at the Geodesign Summit in Redlands, Calif. Their GreenScore is a suite of GIS-based tools to measure and evaluate sustainability of the built environment. The company has continued to develop tools to extend this thinking.

They are using story maps to create tours of project areas where people can use an app and provide their input about the design area. They have taken groups out on an open bus tour or bicycling group, uploading their own ideas. The tools allow people to understand the planning process and participate, providing a greater connectedness and pride of place.

They have made progress on some custom ArcGIS Web Applications using GeoPlanner and some other tools and data. The are working with the City of Menlo Park, Calif. with a plan that includes the corporate headquarters of Facebook, looking at water use, jobs, peak traffic and tax revenue. The website for Connect Menlo Park has details on the app that allows citizens to offer their feedback.

Another tool they are working on deals with sea-level rise and land use. Understanding jobs, dwelling units and population changes. In all cases, they present dashboards that allow users to see changes either as gauges or charts that can be fine tuned with different land use scenarios.



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