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Disaster Prevention through Intelligent Monitoring Systems

Matt Ball on July 4, 2012 - in Emergency, Projects

In recent years many high-profile natural disasters have made the headlines and claimed hundreds of thousands upon thousands of lives. Many countries are beginning to realize the importance of accurate environmental monitoring systems and are developing advanced technology that can help in this. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, smart control can help us setup new lines of defenses through wireless sensor technology.

Intelligent Disaster Prevention through Integrated Wireless Devices
There are two commonly used disaster prevention methods: a short-term method using automation technology to monitor weather so that residents can have early evacuation warnings and a long term approach that uses collected data through a variety of monitoring systems to create likely upcoming scenarios and provide related life-saving strategies. By using the right tools and technology, it’s now possible to use large volumes of data for long-term analysisto be applied in short-term scenarios.

Features of IoT include a sensor network, reliable data delivery and intelligent processing and these features can improve current environmental monitoring systems and help provide more accurate warning systems. By taking advantage of sensor devices to collect data and send it to the data center, a more complete picture can be achieved. Currently IoT technology has been adopted in several warning systems including urban flood, river, landslide, bridge, earthquake, lake and coral reef observations.

And while the methods of obtaining weather and disaster data are not new, the old technologies are not sufficient anymore and prevention projects are only initiated after a disaster has occurred. Even more troubling is that the systems used for such data collection are facing rising costs, difficult installation, communication interference, and insufficient functions.

The First Line of Defense in Environment Monitoring
Firstly, several key elements of the intelligent system for wide-area environment monitoring such as the sensors, cameras and other equipment need to be battery-powered to meet power supply requirements. Secondly the communication system must offer transmission over large distances to suit rugged environments, confirmation with IP66 certification and other standards are also necessary. Finally, with the Internet, central monitoring systems are easy to connect and share information. In addition, I/O monitoring, recording analysis, warning diagnostics and instant video integration are prerequisites.

Advantech offers a complete range of products for IoT applications including ADAM-4000 RS-485 data acquisition modules and ADAM-6000 Ethernet data acquisition modules, while also providing APAX-5000 Programmable Automation Controllers, NVS-3500 video servers, and EKI industrial communication products for remote transmission. In order to complete the linkage interfaces of onsite devices, Advantech proposes web-based SCADA monitoring software, such as WebAccess, to reduce the difficulties of system integration.

Quick Importing and Multi-application Coverage
From the single-ended monitoring of the past to the integration of multi-monitoring and central control systems, environment monitoring has evolved from “monitoring without control” into smart, integrated systems. Simple data acquisition is inadequate for current circumstances, and systems must have database establishment and diagnostic capabilities in the back-end control center as well as realtime control capabilities in the front-end devices. Advantech realizes that as environmental changes are increasing, the importance of monitoring technology also needs toincrease, and luckily we are at a point where a breakthrough in device integration can help simplify these systems and also make them more accurate, reliable and more affordable.

About Advantech’s IoT Devices
With the driving forces of Intelligent Automation, Advantech plans to provide a complete product solution in Internet of Things and realize the vision of “Enabling an Intelligent Planet”.  The product solutions include IoT Devices, new ADAM-6600 Micro Distributed Controllers, ADAM-2000 Zigbee I/O, ADAM-4000 Wireless Sensor Network I/O, existing ADAM-4000 Serial I/Os, ADAM-6000 Remote I/Os, iRTU & WebAccess Gateway, Wi-Fi Mesh Solution, 3G/GPRS iGateway and Cloud based WebAccess management software solutions. The development strategy is to complete IoT devices offering with embedded connectivity in the next 3 to 5 years.  In the meantime, we will also develop vertical IoT solutions in intelligent Building, Environmental monitoring, and intelligent energy managementwith System Integrator partners.  Advantech’s longer range vision is to provide Cloud-Enabled Services by 2020.

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