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PenBay Solutions Announces Cityworks Connector for InVision FM

Matt Ball on July 3, 2012 - in Corporate, Facility Management

PenBay Solutions LLC announces their GIS-based facility management application, InVision FM, will integrate with Cityworks. PenBay’s InVision FM and Cityworks are both GIS-centric facility management systems aimed at improving the efficiency of the built environment through spatial analysis.  While Cityworks is focused on asset management at the enterprise level, InVision FM offers the unique ability to scale in and out from the landscape to the room level to view facility data.

The integration point between these two systems will significantly extend the value of both InVision FM℠ and Cityworks.  For InVision users, the connector will offer access to powerful Cityworks asset management functionality.  Asset attribute data will be available through the map interface, including service requests, work orders, inspections, condition, projects, and associated costs.  For Cityworks users, the connector will provide seamless scalability from the region, to the campus, to the room level, bringing proven Cityworks functionality inside the building.

  • Assets worked on and work performed
  • Assign, dispatch, status, prioritization, key dates
  • Associated documents and images
  • Searching and reporting
  • Task procedures with resource utilization and asset association
  • Labor, material and equipment tracking and history
  • Work orders with multiple assets and multiple tasks
  • Multiple work orders associated to individual assets
  • Cost estimating and comparison
  • Preventive (scheduled) or reactive maintenance work orders
  • Automatic work order creation using fixed or floating scheduling
  • Printing and emailing
  • Spatial display of work orders on the map

“We are delighted to be working with the Cityworks team and feel the combination of Cityworks and InVision is an important next step in the further development of Facilities GIS. We look forward to working with our customers to extend the value of their GIS investment and improving the efficiency of their facilities portfolios.” – Bill Barron, CEO, PenBay Solutions

“The built environment is recognized as an important new frontier for GIS,” commented Tom Palizzi, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Azteca Systems Inc. “We’re excited to join with PenBay, the recognized leader in Facilities GIS to further leverage their Cityworks to more efficiently manage assets within and around buildings.  Geography comes in many shapes and sizes and PenBay has proven the benefits of modeling facilities in GIS, thus Cityworks becomes a perfect fit.”

For more details visit: http://www.penbaysolutions.com

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