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Outstanding Structural Engineering Projects Honored

Matt Ball on January 8, 2015 - in Awards, Buildings, Corporate, Design/Engineering, Structural components

Winner and Finalists for the Be Inspired Award

Bentley Systems and Informed Infrastructure are pleased to present the outstanding projects that were submitted for the Be Inspired Award for Innovation in Structural Engineering.

The Be Inspired Awards and the Year in Infrastructure event provide a unique and exciting snapshot of global projects that are extending project efficiency through the use of digital workflows using the full suite of Bentley Systems software. Having participated in this event since its inception, I can attest to the rigor with which these projects are vetted by their peers, the insights gained through the sharing of projects at the event, and the excitement of the award night. There is no parallel global event that showcases outstanding contributions while also providing a platform for process advancement.

The jury has a difficult task to select the best project as the overall winner, as all are deserving. That’s why we’ve teamed with Bentley’s structural division to provide this overview of a broad number of projects for your perusal. In these pages, you’ll find projects of many scales and complexity from around the world. Perhaps you’ll see parallels to your own work and be inspired to learn more about how your peers have tackled similar challenges to those that you face or will see opportunity in taking a similar approach in your practice.

In addition to the content that appears in these pages, we have also conducted video interviews with the three finalists.

Access this content via www.informedinfrastructure.com/InnovationinStructural14


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