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Innovyze Retires InfoWorks SD in Favor of More Powerful Next-Generation InfoWorks ICM Collection Systems Modeling Software

Matt Ball on December 31, 2014 - in Modeling, Products, Water

Broomfield, Colo., Dec. 30, 2014 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced it has retired its InfoWorks SD software, which is being succeeded by the more powerful, next-generation InfoWorks ICM. Current users may continue to use and receive support for InfoWorks SD until December 30, 2015.

Since its initial release in 2010 (three years after the introduction of InfoWorks SD), InfoWorks ICM has rapidly become the solution of choice for collection systems modeling by utilities, municipalities, local authorities cities, stormwater agencies, and their engineering consultants around the world. A fully-dynamic collection system modeling solution, InfoWorks ICM uses a fast, accurate and unconditionally stable implicit numerical solution scheme — delivering a high degree of confidence in simulation results. It can be effectively used to model any complex sanitary, storm and combined sewer system, offering complete hydrology, hydraulic and water quality simulation and sophisticated real-time control (RTC) modeling capabilities. A significantly more powerful version ofInfoWorks SD, InfoWorks ICM automates many user-intensive operations, helping engineers minimize time spent creating, calibrating and simulating reliable storm sewer models and analyzing results.

A hallmark of InfoWorks ICM (Integrated Catchment Modeling) is its dynamic integration of one-dimensional (1D) hydrodynamic simulation of flows in rivers, open channels and pipe networks and two-dimensional (2D) hydrodynamic simulation of surface flooding in the urban environment and river floodplain. The combination, achieved through a coupling of 1D and 2D flow equations, provides a powerful solution for simultaneously modeling belowground and aboveground elements of catchments to accurately represent all flow paths and improve understanding of processes occurring in the holistic environment. The software also takes interactions of natural and man-made environments into account, and effectively simulates the impact of polluting runoff and effluent from urban areas on water quality.

“Innovyze is committed to providing the best possible products and quality support for its users,” said Mohamed Abdillahi, UK Director of Product Development. “InfoWorks ICM is by far the best collection systems modeling software we’ve ever developed for the workgroup management platform. Our product philosophy is quite simply to make bold intellectual investments in superior technologies and to consistently adapt to our customers’ changing needs. Only in this way can we continue to best serve our customers and society for the greater good.”

Commented J. Erick Heath, P.E., Vice President and Americas Business Director, “Innovyze has a rich history of introducing the most powerful and comprehensive dynamic sewer modeling software to the global wastewater and stormwater community, and InfoWorks ICM is the crowning achievement in that long series. Starting with WASSPin 1983 and continuing with Wallrus (1989), SPIDA (1991), HydroWorks (1994), InfoWorks CS (1998), InfoWorks SD (2007), to InfoWorks ICM (2010). We are committed to maintaining the momentum of these cutting edge technology introductions to help our customers meet the evolving challenges of the future. It is all about making Innovyze not only the best in the industry but the best for the industry.”

InfoWorks SD was developed as a special version of InfoWorks CS for storm sewer systems modeling. It did not include sanitary flow modeling but featured powerful 2D surface flow modeling capability as an option. CurrentInfoWorks SD users will greatly benefit from an improved interface and enhanced visualization and reporting tools (e.g., undo/redo, recycle bin, no admin program, customized property sheet, dockable Windows and themes). Other significant advantages include substantially faster simulation run times with full 64 bit multi-core processing support; additional important modeling and simulation capabilities; an enhanced database; version control and complete scenario management; multivariable themes and mapping; and stunning graphics. These advanced capabilities make it easier for users to set up, visualize and manage simulations and arrive at fast, reliable solutions to support cost-effective storm sewer systems design, operation and management.

“Civil engineers around the world rely on Innovyze’s best-in-class network modeling solutions to optimize their collection systems and better serve their customers,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE,Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “InfoWorks ICM represents a quantum leap in the art and science of sewer systems modeling. Users of InfoWorks SD can now fully leverage the increased power, flexibility, usability and cutting-edge feature set of InfoWorks ICM, along with groundbreaking gains in speed, to easily generate optimized solutions as quickly as possible. This is the next generation ofInfoWorks SD — one that empowers engineers worldwide with unprecedented levels of sewer system modeling and simulation flexibility.”

Pricing and Availability

InfoWorks ICM is available worldwide by subscription. Special upgrade prices are available for all existing InfoWorks SD users. Contact your local Innovyze representative for full upgrade information.

About Innovyze

Innovyze is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure business analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water and wastewater utilities, government agencies, and engineering organizations worldwide. Its clients include the majority of the largest UK, Australasia and North American cities, foremost utilities on all five continents, and ENR top-rated design firms. With unparalleled expertise and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the Innovyze connected portfolio of best-in-class product lines empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems, and provides an enduring platform for customer success. For more information, call Innovyze at +1 626-568-6868, or visit www.innovyze.com.

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