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Timmons Group Welcomes Tim Sheldon to their Transportation Group

Matt Ball on December 17, 2014 - in People, Transportation

Asheville, NC, Dec. 15, 2014—Timmons Group welcomes Tim Sheldon as a new team member to their geospatial division. Tim has extensive experience and expertise with planning and implementation of GIS for the transportation industry, including Esri’s Roads and Highways. Tim will provide technical and managerial leadership to assist Timmons Group’s clients with Esri Road and Highways implementation. Initially, he will be working closely with NCDOT to complete their Esri Road and Highways implementation project called ROME.

Tim hails from Morganton, North Carolina with nine years of experience in geospatial technology focused on the transportation industry. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Western Carolina University and his Master’s degree in Geography from Appalachian State University.

Timmons Group is the leading provider of geospatial solutions and they are always recruiting and retaining new talent to enhance their innovative expertise. Tim’s location, experience in geospatial technology, and focus on transportation offers Timmons Group a valuable skill set to expand their physical presence in North Carolina.

“We are excited to have Tim on board and are looking forward to leveraging the experience and expertise Tim brings with him to all of our DOT, regional and City Transportation clients,” said Russell Minich Principal of Timmons Group.

About Timmons Group

Timmons Group is a leading provider of geospatial and strategic planning services focusing on developing intuitive enterprise solutions and working with clients to strategic position their organizations for growth. Timmons Group develops solutions across multiple platforms, including JavaScript, HTML5, and native mobile operating systems. Timmons Group also provides GIS Strategic Planning support leveraging their GIS RoadMap process. Timmons Group maintains a strong business partner relationship with Esri. Timmons Group has been a recipient of both the Esri Business Partner of the Year award and the Esri Foundation Partner of the Year award. For more information about Timmons Group’s geo spatial products and services, contact Lowell Ballard at lowell.ballard(at)timmons(dot)com or visit http://www.timmonsgis.com.

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