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Ghafari Deepens Commitment to Seamless Project Collaboration

Matt Ball on December 12, 2014 - in Buildings, Corporate, Design/Engineering, Project management

Over the last decade, Ghafari has been dedicated to the continuous improvement of our project collaboration practices. With the reality that up to 40% of an architect or engineer’s working day is spent searching for the most current information*, we understand the importance of reducing the time wasted on non-value added activities.

Ghafari has successfully broken down the walls of traditional information-sharing through the use of technology and principles that promote communication and transparency, including building information modeling and Bentley’s collaboration site, ProjectWise. Using these tools, we have the flexibility to provide a collaborative working environment for any project, regardless of size, scope or complexity. We also have the ability to host our working building information models directly on one collaboration site, reducing inefficiencies and enabling convenient, 24/7 access by project team members located across the globe.

As the AEC industry moves towards increasingly integrated practices, Ghafari continues to lead, manage and educate while others are just realizing the need for more collaborative project environments. Our early adoption of these technologies and practices has only solidified our already well-established position at the industry forefront.

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