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Autodesk Speaks to Today’s Challenges in the Infrastructure Symposium

Matt Ball on December 1, 2014 - in Design/Engineering, Event Coverage, Featured

The Infrastructure Symposium took place today in Las Vegas on the eve of the larger Autodesk University event. Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice-President of the IPG Product group, took to the stage and spoke to the great importance of infrastructure worldwide with lots of changes in the developing world, and a reset on infrastructure in the developed world. It is getting attention and investment and rising in importance.

According to Hanspal, there are many drivers for designing smarter infrastructure, with climate change in mind and ongoing maintenance as part of the design process. The projects are bigger due to the population increase, but also more interdependencies with existing infrastructure.

The Internet of Things and Big Data both tie into maintaining infrastructure, with more information available regarding performance and sensors that relay the real-time conditions. The framework of available data is also a Big Data issue with infrastructure information coming from GIS, CAD and BIM, and the need to manage this data more efficiently.

Today there is increased demand, the need for smarter infrastructure, and more people interested in knowing the plans. All of this changes the approach for design and engineering. Autodesk has been championing BIM for Infrastructure for some time.

Hanspal said that the real value is in the “I”, it’s the information that aids construction and maintenance. Getting the estimating, operations and maintenance right is the payoff of the process. We are seeing governments push the standardization more because they are planning for the full lifecycle, having the infrastructure sustain itself for a long period of time.

Autodesk is focused on the full workflow of BIM from planning, managing, building and design. BIM has taken hold in the buildings industry over a 15-year timespan, and today it’s hard to find AEC companies that has not embraced it for the efficiency, reduced cost and improved quality. The infrastructure community is now understanding the value, and at these early days of adoption there is an opportunity to lead the transformation.

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