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Michigan Creates Mi Drive App to Assist Motorists

Matt Ball on November 13, 2014 - in Corporate, Sensors, Transportation

Nov. 12, 2014—Just in time for winter and holiday driving, the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) popular Mi Drive traffic information website is now available as an app. Available free for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets, the new app offers real-time road and traffic information, including incidents, lane closures, work zones, message boards, camera views, and weather-related road conditions on I, M and US routes across the state.

“We are responding to popular demand,” said State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle. “As MDOT continues to do more work with less, we understand that time is money for busy travelers. Motorists liked the mobile version of the Mi Drive site but what they really wanted was an app. Now we have one to offer to help keep Michigan motorists mobile, safe and informed. And by the way, please use this new app to check your route before leaving for your destination. We want everyone to remain safe and pay attention while they are driving.”

With the new app, you can:

  • Scroll and zoom an interactive map.
  • See real-time traffic camera views on major routes and save your favorite set of cameras.
  • Click on traffic incident and construction icons for more information.
  • Check real-time, color-coded speeds on major routes.
  • Zoom into any area of the map, using either your current location or selected cities and zip codes.
  • Find rest areas and Welcome Centers across Michigan.
  • Locate MDOT carpool lots.
  • Check out mapped active or planned construction by route number or county.
  • Locate airports and roadside parks across the state.
  • See Upper Peninsula road camera views.
  • Turn layers on and off to personalize your view. The app will remember where you were last zoomed in, as well as what layers you previously turned on.
  • Link to National Weather Service forecasts by city name or zip code.
  • Use the “Stuck in Traffic” feature to report any traffic slowdowns not currently listed on Mi Drive.

MDOT has been offering this form of crowdsourcing on the mobile site since 2013 to encourage travelers to use smartphone technology to report closures and incidents they may encounter on I, M and US routes. This feature is monitored 24/7 by traffic center control room operators so new info can be added to Mi Drive if necessary.

The Mi Drive site and the Mi Drive app are maintained by MDOT; the Department of Technology, Management and Budget; the state’s Center for Shared Solutions & Technology Partnerships; and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program office within the MDOT Operations Field Services Division. First launched in 2007, the site has been revamped several times, with the mobile version being introduced in 2011. MDOT will continue to offer Mi Drive for personal computers and as a mobile version atwww.michigan.gov/drive, in addition to the new app.

MDOT plans to update the app as needed and encourages users to use the “Contact Us” link on the app to submit questions, comments or suggestions about how to make the app work even better for them.


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