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Virginia Adopts Revised $13.2 Billion Transportation Program

Matt Ball on November 13, 2014 - in Construction, Financial, Roads, Transportation

The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) adjusted the FY 2015-2020 Six-Year Improvement Program today in part to identify a group of projects that will be scored under House Bill 2. The new law requires projects to be scored using a consistent and objective analysis. Once the projects are scored, the CTB then selects projects for funding.

“The CTB adjusted the program following a series of nine public hearings across the state,” said Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne. “The board will continue its aggressive effort to get input from local officials and citizens on the scoring process so the CTB has the knowledge it needs to assess and select the right projects for funding. As directed by Governor Terry McAuliffe, the board is engaging the public in assessing transportation needs to make the best and most prudent use of tax dollars.”

The funding on more than 60 projects in the revised six-year program has been reduced and the projects are flagged for scoring. Future funding on these projects, totaling $416 million, has been set aside. The projects meet the criteria for scoring under House Bill 2 because they were not fully funded or environmental studies were not complete. Enough funding remains on these projects to bring them to a logical stopping point. These projects, along with other candidate projects, will be scored before additional funding will be provided to advance them.

Projects that are exempt from the scoring process include pavement and bridge rehabilitation projects, revenue sharing projects, projects funded through the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads regional revenues, certain federal funding categories and improvements funded through secondary and urban formula funds.

Currently the scoring process and how it will be administered is being developed. The CTB will use the process to select projects by July 2016.

About the Six-Year Improvement Program
The program allocates funding to a wide range of projects, including road, bridges, sidewalks, bike paths, rail and transit improvements across the state over a period of six years. The program is updated every year and approved by the CTB to reflect the latest priorities and revenue forecast.

Final Revised FY 2015-2020 Six-Year Improvement Program Breakdown:

$10 billion – highway construction
$3.2 billion – rail and public transportation
$13.2 billion – total

About the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB)
Appointed by the governor, the 18-member CTB establishes the administrative policies for Virginia’s transportation system. The CTB allocates highway funding to specific projects, locates routes and provides funding for airports, seaports and public transportation. For specific meeting, times and locations, consult the meeting schedule.


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