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Bentley Makes Some Major Announcements at their Year in Infrastructure Event #YII2014

Matt Ball on November 3, 2014 - in Corporate, Event Coverage, Modeling

Bentley Systems meets in London this week for their Year in Infrastructure event, featuring their BE Inspired customer project showcase. The company had some major announcements that the company’s CEO, Greg Bentley, detailed.

The 2014 Bentley Infrastructure 500 Top Owners—details the 500 owners of infrastructure, a research exercise to compare the value of assets and investments, as well as by geography. Of the total of $16T value, the bulk is owned privately. Of the infrastructure value 43% are industrial, 21% owned by utilities, government at 16%, transport 11% and the rest in manufacturing. Of the Top 50, 40 are using Bentley’s ProjectWise software.

Bentley Systems Acquired SITEOPS – the technology is software-as-a-service to advance site engineering for BIM projects. The tools allow engineers to explore alternatives on grading, drainage and parking for site development. Bentley has been a partial owner for some years, and has been documenting the return that users receive from this approach, estimating a cost savings of $15,000 per acre versus traditional methods. The site “optioneering” approach allows users to bring in terrain models, go to site layout for site planning, design access roads and parcel sizes with regulatory requirements as business rules, costing of cut and fill and drainage work. The tool allows both planners and designers to make the best choices tied to costs.

MineCycle Survey, Designer and Material Handing—delivers planning and surveying tools to the design community, essentially a perpetual construction site. The MineCycle products extend Bentley’s underlying technology to major mines through a process of “continual cycle” where the owners worked alongside Bentley developers. The collaboration produced an open system for continual mine planning.

Bentley’s AECOsim Building Designer—has been commended by users for increased productivity. The use of the product has been doubling every year since its release. 39 of the 2014 Be Inspired Award project nominations credited the software.

Bentley Systems and Siemens PLM Software—have announced an integration of Bentley’s Vortex engine to PLM design and process. Siemens’ Tecnomatix software for 3D digital factory automation provides 3D point clouds with intelligence. The new approach for scanning provides as-built as well as as-operated models. The surveying is constant in these environments, determining the location of robots. Integrating reality modeling.

Bentley and Trimble—are working together advancing BIM for construction modeling, including the temporary works, layout, splitting and sequencing, detailing fabrication, workface planning, construction work packaging, and support for distributed construction. Today, most construction starts with a 3D model, but it has been limited. Construction modeling fills a gap to enable all the potential, where the architect and engineer’s work is preserved throughout the construction — going from the BIM to the bulldozer. The i-model container is being used by Trimble, they are supporting the same standards.

Bentley Unveils the CONNECT Edition—the next generation of all of their software to provide a common environment for sustaining infrastructure with “software at your service” regardless of whether desktop, tablet, handheld with utilization of the cloud. The MicroStation Connect edition and ProjectWise Connect are in early release now, and their design tools will roll out through 2015. The Microsoft Azure cloud service connects all users across projects. The tools use the cloud for analytics and intense computing operations to increase performance. The software uses a common project environment with ProjectWise, a common modeling environment, and a common data environment (eB Information Management) with the ability to manage information across projects.

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