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Technology-Enabled Organizational Efficiency with Greater Field-to-Office Connectivity

Ahmed Abukhater on October 27, 2014 - in Column, Modeling, Surveying/Mapping

Higher efficiency and quality are equally needed across different industries. The global financial crisis has tightened its grip on professionals and organizations in almost all fields. As a result, several economic and environmental challenges are at play. Sprawling patterns of development, aging infrastructure and resource limitation are the symptoms of this global crisis. Governments and businesses alike strive to cut costs and maintain quality in light of resource limitations.

Connecting Workflows

Working in an environment handicapped by intricacy and dominated by segregation of stakeholders, processes and operations, GIS professionals are challenged to achieve real, collaborative decision-making. GIS professionals spend considerable time and resources in manual data translation and moving field data to the office environment, often resulting in a disconnect among different GIS workflows. Silos, inability to collaborate, duplication of efforts and organizational and operational inefficacies are the by-products of antiquated operations.

These challenges highlight the need for a technology-enabled solution that can potentially streamline a project’s lifecycle. The key lies in facilitating more collaborative decision-making across the organization and beyond. By implementing mission-oriented solutions that connect the work of stakeholders in the field and office, organizations can reap the rewards of collaborative action and higher operational efficiency.


Maintaining Accuracy and Precision

Field crews conduct data collection, maintenance and inspection of various assets; these tasks require high accuracy and precision. By providing highly reliable and accurate data collection devices coupled with software for efficient workflows, Trimble solutions enable organizations to produce the information needed to connect people, equipment, places and assets. In the office, evidence-based analysis provides us with a unique opportunity to utilize the data collected in the field. It also allows for exploration of options and generates different scenarios that can be studied and understood using state-of-the-art visualization and communication tools.

Streamlining any project lifecycle requires eliminating errors or inconsistencies in data translation. Integrated solutions allow field data collection, office management and collaboration to happen seamlessly. In this way, project stakeholders can plan, design and model in the office as well as build, operate and maintain in the field.

Trimble enables organizations to manage rugged hardware, collect and organize authoritative data, and operate cutting-edge software tools. These industry-specific solutions provide the basis for data collection, processing, visualization, modeling and sharing of information. The tools combine as a streamlined system to boost collaboration, strategic planning and execution of successful operations. The result is higher efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Coming Together in the Cloud

Trimble InSphere is a new cloud-based platform of software, data and services for geospatial enterprises. It includes productivity-enhancing applications such as TerraFlex™ for data collection, Data Manager to manage field data, Equipment Manager to monitor the location and status of organization assets, Data Marketplace to streamline procurement of geospatial information, and Trimble Access™ Services to facilitate seamless transfers between field and office.

A new release of TerraFlex tightens the interaction with Esri ArcGIS, allowing field data to be quickly integrated and utilized for analysis. It also permits organizations to share results using ArcGIS analytical and visualization tools, saving time and resources by eliminating the need for data translation. In providing these technology-enabled solutions, Trimble transforms the way its customers work to make more informed and timely decisions that generate measurable and demonstrable benefits. 

For more information and to sign up for the 30-day free trial of TerraFlex, please visit: http://www.trimbleinsphere.com/other-pages/trial

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