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Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology Paves the Way to Smart Traffic Management

Matt Ball on October 24, 2014 - in Analysis, Products, Transportation

Onvia’s latest whitepaper on intelligent transportation systems focuses on two areas of ITS solutions that address traffic congestion at street intersections and on highways. Adaptive signal technology and variable highway signs are making a significant improvement in travel times and are lowering rates of accidents nationwide. For this white paper, Onvia’s market research team provides infrastructure, engineering and technology firms with insights into the ITS contracting process and the future plans of government agency decision makers.

Highlights from this report:

ITS Traffic Congestion Trends

  • Volume of ITS contracts has grown by 13% year-over-year
  • Awards average nearly $1 million in size with a median of $380,100
  • 35% of contracts are in five states, a high concentration given their population sizes

ITS Solutions: Adaptive Signal Control Technologies & Variable Highway Signs

  • Gain insight into the implementation of ASCT in large cities such as New York and Los Angeles
  • The greatest future market for ASCT may be mid-sized cities; understand the scale of mid-sized city projects in terms of number of intersections and budgets
  • Examine three specific types of variable signs used to improve driving conditions
  • Learn typical project characteristics for variable signs, such as bundling various types of solutions
  • Profile contract dynamics of both technologies, including average award value, level of government agency, percent of RFPs and number of set-asides

Request the full whitepaper here: http://www.onvia.com/business-resources/white-papers/intelligent-transportation-systems

Onvia’s proprietary database of bids, RFPs, projects, awards, contracts and future spending plans of over 80,000 state and local agencies helps Onvia’s market research team describe government industry trends. For more information about recent state and local quarterly trends please view our State & Local Procurement Snapshot – Q2 2014

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