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Envitia Awarded Northern Ireland Water Positional Improvement Contract

Matt Ball on October 23, 2014 - in Modeling, Projects, Surveying/Mapping, Water

WEST SUSSEX, UK, Oct. 23, 2014—Northern Ireland Water (NIW) have selected Envitia to provide a managed service which will automatically align their asset datasets to the positionally improved Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) large scale vector maps. Envitia will use their MapRite software as part of the service.

Following a programme of work in 2013 by OSNI to redress the positional inconsistencies in their large scale vector map dataset, the majority of the water and sewer data in NIW’s Corporate Asset Register (CAR) needs to be geographically shifted to match the improved maps. The work Envitia will carry out with MapRite will automatically realign these datasets to the corresponding OSNI maps, ensuring that NIW can continue working as usual.

Robin Coackley, Envitia Account Manager at Envitia, commented “We are delighted to have been selected as the Positional Improvement partner of Northern Ireland Water. Our strong background in this work along with our robust software, MapRite, ensures that we will deliver a solution that will avoid the need for unnecessary man hours and enable NIW to continue with business as usual. NIW are another important addition to our client base and shows that MapRite is still the software of choice for Positional Improvement”.

Envitia’s managed service includes data analysis and planning, input and advice on data rules, rehearsals, automated transformations; quality assurance and reinstatement to a replica instance of Oracle Spatial 11g R2 production database.

“The positional improvement project is hugely significant for NI Water. Spatial datasets are among some of the most accessed and analysed data within the company and beyond. NI Water has invested heavily in spatial data and GIS over the last 6 years and it is vital to the company and its customers that these data and systems are fit for purpose for years to come,” said Sean O’Boyle, Asset Information Development Manager at NI Water. “Preparation for the positional improvement project has taken several years and through a rigorous procurement exercise NI Water appointed Envitia to deliver the project in July 2014. NI Water looks forward to working with Envitia and utilising their experience to deliver the best possible solution to the positional improvement challenge by Spring 2015.”

About Envitia

Envitia is a geospatial software and solutions provider, serving defence, government and industry customers all around the world.  Envitia provides targeted geospatial solutions to organisations that use or produce geospatial information to meet business-critical needs.  We are experts in geospatial data accuracy and positional improvement, and understand the challenges faced by organisations in trying to maintain accuracy of geospatial data in line with both regular map updates and major conflation programmes, and have experience in solving these issues in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Belgium, the USA and Australia.

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