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New, Improved LandXML-2.0 is Here

Matt Ball on October 21, 2014 - in Design/Engineering, Modeling, Products, Transportation

BERLIN, Germany, Oct. 6, 2014—A new and improved LandXML to transfer data to another drawing or to another application has been developed.

LandXML was first introduced at the IHEEP 2000 conference, leading to widespread adoption among U.S. DOTs and around the world. Now, LandXML-2.0, from LandXML.org, is scheduled for release in December 2014 and will include key improvements for signing and sealing LandXML files in a ‘container file’ with defined versioning. In addition, LandXML-2.0 will include a new schema for road templates (in addition to cross sections, which currently exist) as well as for drainage elements such as pipe culverts with headwalls, open channels and catch basins with pipe structures.” – Bruce Carlson, President, Carlson Software

  • New LandXML Project Delivery File Specification
    • Data File Versioning
    • Complete Portability Between Applications and Office/Field
  • PointCloud and LIDAR Format for Large Surfaces
  • Enhanced Road Templates
  • As-built Data Collection
  • New Hydrology Features
  • Web Tools to Cross-Check Sections/Alignments to Surface Elevations
  • Feature Codes for:
    • Cost Estimation Data
    • Design Data Display Format

By transforming their drawing data using LandXML-2.0, users can import data into other software applications to be modified and delivered to customers and agencies in the required formats; archive data in a non-proprietary format; and also export and import data in the appropriate formats.

For more information, visit LandXML at www.landxml.org.



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