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LandScope Engineering Purchase Underwater Scanner for Bridge Inspections

Matt Ball on October 17, 2014 - in Bridges, Corporate, Sensors, Transportation

Teledyne BlueView is pleased to announce the recent purchase of 3D Multibeam Scanner by UK based Landscope Engineering.

“Having rigorously tested the BlueView BV5000 3D scanning sonar technology in several demanding underwater environments, we have been impressed with the system’s versatility and data resolution. Integration of the BlueView system allows us to take our established 3D scanning service below the waterline, providing an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy to underwater asset owners and operators”, said Tom Card, 3D Survey Services Manager at LandScope.

”The BV5000 is quickly making a name for itself in the bridge inspection market.  It’s remarkable to see the rapid rise in geographical spread of projects being undertaken with the 3D underwater scanner as local authorities and underwater asset owners realize its potential as a complement to their engineering dive surveys and surface based laser scans” said Ted Germann Chief Sales & Marketing Executive at Teledyne BlueView.

Scanning underwater provides clear and objective real world 3D data to evaluate the current condition of underwater assets. The BV5000 delivers highly informative data that can cut risks and eliminate guesswork, saving time and money. This allows engineering firms to make smarter decisions, more accurate estimates and undergo repair/preventative maintenance sooner.

About Landscope:

LandScope Engineering Ltd provide an integrated survey and data management service to the engineering, built infrastructure and environmental sectors. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, the company channels extensive geospatial and geophysical data acquisition and management experience in to the highest quality deliverable above ground, below ground and underwater.

Visit www.land-scope.com for more information

About Teledyne BlueView:

Teledyne BlueView, Inc. provides state-of-the-art compact acoustic imaging, measurement solutions for navy, energy, civil engineering, transportation and port security applications worldwide.

Visit www.blueview.com for more information

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