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Gruntify: Real-Time Incident Capture and Reporting

Matt Ball on October 16, 2014 - in Maintenance, Products, Sensors

BRISBANE – 14 October 2014 – Asset management and defect remediation is estimated to cause over $3 billion in damages per year to Australia Government-owned assets alone. Graffiti, litter, damaged street furniture – just to name a few – are problems that most asset owners struggle to deal with effectively.

Gruntify provides a seamless end-to-end technical solution that makes it easy to:

  • Collect data with location information,
  • Ensure quality control of inputs/outputs,
  • Schedule jobs for remediation,
  • Employ geospatial analysis for hotspot identification, and
  • Implement financial reporting.

Gruntify is cloud-based and does not require any additional software. The system comprises two major components:

1.     A field capture app – for “crowdsourcing” data from the public and/or staff. Quickly captures item location, type, photo, additional notes and user details in seconds; iOS and Android versions for phones and tablets are available.

2.     An admin panel – a real-time central database of each submitted item. Admin users can accept, reject and organise data submissions, view real-time maps, schedule jobs, track trends and hotspots, export analysis data for reporting, and much more.

And its not limited to asset management and maintenance – Gruntify also offers a robust crowd-sourcing reporting and management method for disaster response and other incidents.

Gruntify is flexible and can be branded with the logos and colour schemes that suit individual clients. From 1 to 1,000,000 users, it caters for companies and projects of all sizes.

Want to see the benefits to your company? Request a demo at www.gruntify.com.

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