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U.S. Smart Water Utility Survey Findings

Matt Ball on October 14, 2014 - in Analysis, Corporate, Water

Austin, Tex., Oct. 14, 2014 – As presented in the new Zpryme report, U.S. Smart Water Utility Report 2014, sponsored by Badger Meter, the innovator in flow measurement and control products, Zpryme and the Smart Water Summit (SWS) completed a smart water survey of 75 U.S. and found that cost poses the most significant challenge for smart water initiatives. Despite challenges with cost, many water utilities are beginning to embrace smart water technologies, including smart metering as well as analytics.

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“Driven by the need for better visibility of water use, management of conservation programs and customer demand, water utilities have become extremely interested in smart water metering,” says John Fillinger, Director of Utility Marketing for Badger Meter. “Advancements in technology are making the benefits of these systems more attainable than ever before.”

Key Takeaways

    • Nine out of 10 water utilities have a smart water plan.
    • The focus now is on smart meters and billing, but those capabilities will expand as utilities gain more experience with smart water technologies.
    • Cost is the top concern for smart water efforts, but the challenges are more than financing, including cyber security and lack of qualified staff.
    • Many water utilities have technology skill gaps in their workforce, but do not plan to hire technology staff in the next year. This creates opportunities to train existing staff or to work more with third-party providers that can provide technology expertise.

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